FIFA World Cup 2022: Senegal to Saudi, two ‘big’ World Cup incidents and a beauty

Viviane Dieye: Coincidentally, a woman involved in two of the biggest incidents of the World Cup. How do you say?

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Doha: 2002 to 2022. Twenty years difference in between. The sports world has seen four more football World Cups. Sports lovers witnessed a serious incident at the beginning of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. Diego Maradona’s country, who crossed Qatar with the dream of winning the World Cup, lost to Saudi Arabia. The country that is not even around Messi in FIFA banking. Argentina fans are still in mourning. This time go back twenty years ago. 2002 World Cup The West African country of Senegal was surprising. France’s loss to Senegal out of quality! A woman involved in these two events of the World Cup! The beauty witnessed the incident from the side of the hero behind the scenes of the two matches. Who is he? What is his identity? will tell TV9 Bangla.

Remember Bruno Metsu? The man with shaggy long hair introduced the world to the wonder of Senegal. On May 30, 2002, Papa Bouba Diop scored a goal in the 30th minute at the Seoul Stadium. History by winning 1-0 against France. Metsu’s men dragged Senegal to the quarter-finals that time. Coach Bruno Metsu’s accouterment, the press has not spared to wrestle. Actually the French Metsu gave his heart to the Senegalese beauty Vivian Dieu. Dreaming of people in Africa, Metsu’s wife – a happy family with three children. Vivian saw her husband’s success closely. Decline in 2013. Bruno Metsu died of cancer.

Happy family with Bruno Metsu

After 20 years, Saudi Arabia’s fairy tale at the World Cup began with the help of a Frenchman. Coach Harvey Renard of Saudi Arabia brought tears to Lionel Messi’s eyes. Within a couple of days, most of the football fans have known his identity. Former teammate of Zinedine Zidane. He did not succeed as a player. But it was his man management skills in the dressing room as a coach that first caught the eye. Renard, always known as Dacabuco, has the words ‘Hero of the Argentine Slaughter’ attached to his name. But to find out about Renard’s personal life is to eat virmi. Who knows the current wife of the Saudi coach? Vivian Day. Widow of African dream artist Bruno Metsu!

Vivian Dieye with renard

Vivian is the mother of three children of Harvey Renard

Bruno and Vivian meet for the first time in Italy. After the death of her husband, the mother of three fell in love with Morocco’s then coach, France’s Renard Harvey. Renard and Vivian also have three children. There are plans to get married soon. Many believe, Vivian was Metsu’s lucky charm. Now Renard’s. After 20 years, keeping this lucky charm by his side, the hero of Argentina-Badh is dreaming of the World Cup.

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