Brazil’s Hexa mission begins today

Renowned writer Sunil Gangopadhyay said that an event like the Football World Cup gives him the feeling of a true world festival. Indeed it is. No matter how big the event is around the world, the excitement and thrill of the Football World Cup cannot be surpassed. It is not only a fight for world supremacy, but the football world cup means different stories, different poetry and different kinds of success and failure.

When the football world cup comes, the argument starts – who is the best, whose name is written in the history of this trophy. There is no end to these arguments. But some things are constant. Some names will not be remembered when the World Cup comes. Some teams, some players have written their names in golden letters in the history of this tournament. Without them, all discussions of the World Cup are meaningless. One such team is Brazil. The team that has undoubtedly made the football world cup their property are the South American giants. Brazil is not only the most successful team in the history of the World Cup, but also the most consistent team. Since winning the first trophy in 1958 till 2002 they have won 5 trophies. Needless to say, no one has won more or equal number of trophies than Brazil.

Needless to say, no one has won more or equal number of trophies than Brazil. Brazil’s World Cup-love affair cannot be fully understood with the story of this trophy win alone. Know one thing, there has never been a World Cup in this world where Brazil did not play. From that beginning until this year, 22 World Cups have been held. And Brazil is the only team in the world that has participated in all the events. The world’s best team will take the field against Serbia today at 1 am Bangladesh time at Lusail Stadium in Qatar. The five-time world champions will start their journey to win the ‘hexa’ with this match in Qatar World Cup.

Not only Serbia, but the opposing teams have to worry about Brazil coach Tit’s attack. This time, from the beginning of the European club season until the World Cup, Brazil’s attacking players have scored the most goals. Even the player who scored the most goals this time is from Brazil. Brazil coach Tite made the World Cup squad by keeping 9 forwards in the attack. According to the Brazilian media ‘Globo’, these 9 forwards have scored a total of 72 goals in club football, which is the highest compared to the players of the rest of the countries participating in the World Cup.

Before the World Cup, Brazil’s top five goalscorers this season add up to 58 goals. France is second in this list with 55 goals. Netherlands third with 44 goals and Argentina fourth with 41 goals. However, five Polish players combined to score 41 goals in club football this season. Flamengo’s Brazilian striker Pedro scored 21 goals. Neymar is second with 15 goals, Vinicius Junior is third with 10 goals and Rodrigo is fourth with 7 goals. Any one of Anthony, Gabriel Martinelli and Gabriel Jesus should be placed fifth in this list of Brazil’s top five goalscorers. All three scored 5 goals. As such, the number of goals for Brazil is 58. However, Flamengo striker Pedro’s goal tally has been calculated since July. If Brazil had one calendar season, that would be 29.

In other words, Brazil’s attacking side is ready to score goals after goals in Qatar World Cup after practicing goals in club football. Winger Rafinha said the post-goal celebrations have also been decided, ‘To be honest, we have at least 10 dances planned for each match. This dance for the first goal, that for the next, another dance for the next – this is how the dance is fixed until 10 goals are scored. If it becomes more than 10, something new has to be thought of.’ Therefore, before the start of the match, it is not unusual for the voice of the coach of Serbia to be heard, ‘Watch out, opponent Brazil.’

today’s game
Switzerland-Cameroon, 4 pm
Uruguay-South Korea, 7 pm
Portugal-Ghana, 10 p.m
Brazil-Serbia, 1 p.m
Live : BTV/GTV/T Sports

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