A large amount of gold and copper found in this country! Expecting massive investment, huge amount of gold copper deposited in Madina, Saudi Arabia announces the discovery

Gold and copper deposits

The Saudi Geological Survey tweeted about the discovery of gold and copper deposits. According to the Twitter post, gold ore has been discovered within the boundaries of Aba Al-Raha in the Medina region. Not only that, the officials also said that huge copper ore has been discovered in four places of Al-Madiq region in Wadi Al-Fara area of ​​Madinah. On the other hand, soon after the discovery of this huge deposit, the Geological Survey of the Kingdom wrote on social media, “Through our discovery, we are opening up more promising investment opportunities for the world.”

4,000 jobs will be created

On the other hand, according to a report by All Arabia, the discovery of these huge gold and copper reserves is likely to strengthen the country’s financial system. Not only that, local and international investors will attract more to that country, according to the country’s officials. Not only that, the discovery of gold and copper deposits has opened up new avenues in that country. On the other hand, officials also said that the newly discovered site has an expected investment of 533 million dollars. It is even expected to create 4,000 jobs. On the other hand, it is known that this resource covers an area of ​​more than 40 square kilometers. It is thought so.

There are more than 5,300 minerals

There are more than 5,300 minerals

Besides, the president of the Saudi Geological Cooperative Federation, Prof. Abdul Aziz bin Laban, said that there are more than 5,300 minerals in Saudi Arabia’s reserves. These include various metallic and non-metallic rocks, construction materials, ornamental rocks and gems. Saudi is already sitting on huge oil reserves. The economy of that country will leave behind the world’s fastest growing countries. In this situation, the search for a large amount of this resource is considered to increase the country one more step. On the other hand, this step is also believed to help in the implementation of Vision-2030.

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