Immoral acts and infanticide must be stopped

Immoral acts and infanticide must be stopped
Immoral acts and infanticide must be stopped

Infanticide has increased at an alarming rate in the country. Often in some areas of the country including the capital, the bodies of newborns are found in dustbins, roadsides or abandoned places. A report of Daily Inqilab yesterday showed the horrible picture of killing newborns. It has been said that in the last one year, the law and order forces have recovered the bodies of nearly 300 newborns in different areas of the capital. At this time, the police recovered 5 bodies from the area of ​​Shaheed Minar. The rescued newborns were buried as orphans as their identities could not be recovered. These newborns are wrapped in bags, cloths or sacks. Sometimes surviving newborns are rescued but their parents are never found. Sociologists say that such cruel and inhuman incidents are on the rise due to the degradation of family and social values. They said that such unwanted incidents are happening due to drug addiction, free association, readily available pornography, extramarital relationship between men and women.
Homicide is a great sin in Islam. Almighty Allah has clearly said in the Holy Quran, ‘Whoever kills a person, it is as if he killed the entire human race.’ Neither the full-term nor the newborn can be killed. But now killing people has become a regular occurrence. Along with this, infanticide has also taken a terrible shape. Those who are killing, they think, killing innocent newborns is not a crime. Any killing of human beings is prohibited and punishable by law, not least in Islam. Not only infanticide, but also mutilation of fetuses is completely prohibited in Islam. It also includes murder. Countries like the US also have provisions for registration without destroying the fetus. But in our 92% Muslim country, destroying fetuses and killing newborns and leaving them on the side of the road has become a common occurrence. Islamic experts say there is no difference between killing a human being and killing a fetus. Everyone who commits or abets and aids the act is guilty of murder. Our family and social system has now reached a stage where family and social ethics, religious values ​​are deteriorating. There is decay in the overall social system. Various types of crimes have spread in the society. From murder, rape, drugs, teenage gang culture, eve teasing to hen, there is no immorality that is not happening. Its evil effects are now manifesting in severe form. Extraterrestrial, open and private free association has now become an open secret. As a result, the killing of fetuses and newborns continues to increase. It is easy to imagine how cruel and unethical those involved are. Our family and social values ​​are on the verge of extinction. Not only the family and society are responsible for this, but the state is also responsible. The state has failed in keeping family and social values, customs, religious values ​​intact. Religious values ​​and ethics have been removed from textbooks. It is developing a generation without values. Adoption of western culture is regarded as modernity. The new generation does not understand the culture and values ​​of the country. Does not understand, the culture of other countries is not applicable to this country. From heads of government to dignitaries and even ordinary citizens in many countries of the Western world, Islamic family-social systems and discipline are now recognized as the best. Former UK Prime Minister David Cameron expressed concern about drugs and family breakdown among his country’s youth, saying that our youth should follow Asian family traditions. He urged the Islamic scholars of the country to come forward to keep the youth free from drugs. Islam is such a way of life that even people outside it are attracted to it. Sadly, Islamophobia and religious values ​​have been destroyed in the name of a class of so-called progressive secularism in this Muslim-majority country. Its consequences are seen among a group of young people. From promiscuity, living together, extramarital affairs to extramarital affairs, they are getting involved. As a result, unwanted children are being born, as well as committing felony crimes like killing them or throwing them on the side of the road.
The parental class is also responsible for the erosion of our family and social values ​​and ethics. Children or relatives are getting involved in various immoral acts and crimes due to their indifference and indulgence. Any unethical activities can be prevented if the guardians of family and society are aware. In this case, it is very important for the parents to be aware and responsible in maintaining the values ​​and ethics of the family and society. It is recommended that the country’s scholars and ulama become more active in promoting and maintaining religious values. The government should undertake awareness programs to prevent family and social degradation and promote it widely. Making religious education compulsory in the curriculum.

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