Iranian women vs policy police

Iranian women vs policy police
Iranian women vs policy police

Masha Amini was accused of wearing a hijab, but some of her hair was visible. On September 13, he was arrested for this reason. After being taken to prison, he went into a coma. He was pronounced dead at the hospital three days later.

There were allegations that the police officers hit Amini on the head with a baton and rammed Amini’s head with their car, which the Niti police force has denied.

An Iranian police officer once told them of his experience on condition of anonymity, the BBC wrote.

“We were told that we are working as policy police to protect women. Because if the woman does not wear a covering, then the man will get excited and harm the woman.”

The policeman, who asked not to be identified, told the BBC that they work in a team of six; Where four men and two women. They keep an eye on busy sidewalks and crowds.

“It’s embarrassing because if I’m just going to give people directions, why do we have to pick someone out of the busy crowd?

“That means we can detain more people, right? It seems as if we are out hunting.”

The police officer said his superiors always warned him that if they couldn’t find ‘sufficient numbers’ of people breaking the rules, it would be treated as ‘dereliction of duty’.

He told the BBC that it was difficult for the police officer to accept the facts, especially when someone was arrested.

“It was expected from the forces, we will force the detainees into vans. You don’t know how many times I cried doing that.

“I want to say, I am not really of their party. Most of us are common soldiers who are forced to serve in the army. I feel so bad.”

About 43 years ago, Ayatollah Khomeini returned home from his exile in France and started the revolution in Iran. In that revolution, the Shah’s reign fell, and Islamic rule was established in Iran.

Immediately after the 1979 Islamic Revolution, the country declared war on hijab and violations of religious norms.

It was not uncommon for women to walk the streets of Tehran in miniskirts and bare hair before the western border deposed Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi. Farah, the wife of the last emperor of Iran, was the ‘model of the modern woman’ in those days, often seen in western clothes.

Laws enacted during the Shah’s reign to protect women’s rights were repealed after Iran became an Islamic Republic.

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