In Malaysia, the younger brother left the body of the elder brother and disappeared

In Malaysia, the younger brother left the body of the elder brother and disappeared
In Malaysia, the younger brother left the body of the elder brother and disappeared

Ujjal Hossain (34) of Bogra died of heart attack in a hospital in Ipuh province, 200 kilometers from the capital of Malaysia. Ujjwal Hossain (34) of Bogra has not been found by the hospital authorities for these 3 months after being admitted to the hospital. Finally, the body reached Ujjwal’s village home on Friday morning (September 23) under the supervision of V4 Global BD London. The hospital authorities informed this reporter last week that the body was found decomposing.
After learning about the matter, first the embassy and then the Malaysian leaders of London-based Voice for Global BD were informed. Then the organization’s country director Mahbub Alam Shah and businessman Iqbal Hossain and businessman Russell came forward and provided humanitarian assistance and bore all the expenses of sending the body. A Malaysia Airlines flight arrived at Dhaka Shahjalal International Airport last Thursday night. After the body was sent with the cooperation of the embassy and Voice for Global Bangladeshis, the body was buried at Ujjwal’s village house on Friday morning.
Ujjwal Hossain is a resident of Kazi Para of Nishintpur village of Kahalu police station in Bogra district. According to the sources, Ujjwal was caught by the broker and moved to Malaysia on a tourist visa 4 months ago. Lived together with his younger brother Niharul Islam in Malaysia. However, it was not possible to contact Malaysian expatriate Niharul Islam. So no information is known about his elder brother’s body being left in the hospital.
Ujjal’s wife Reshma Begum said on mobile, I was informed by people some time ago that my husband died in Malaysia, but I still do not know why my husband’s body was hidden. I will not be able to repay the debts of those who delivered my husband’s body to me, especially the embassy, ​​Voice for Global Bangladeshis London and journalist Ashraful Mamun.
Voice for Global Bangladeshis from London, the president of the organization and the education adviser of the British Ministry of Education. In a statement, Hasnat Hossain MBE said the body had been lying in the hospital morgue for the past 3 months and his face was unrecognizable. Our Malaysia VFGB Coordination Team; Under the direct supervision of VFGB Malaysia Executive Director Mahbub Alam Shah, VFGV coordinator Iqbal Hussain and his associate Russell Rana and VFGB Malaysia journalist Ashraful Mamun prepared the documents from the embassy and sent the body to his home address. In this way we FGB London will stand by the Bangladeshis scattered all over the world.

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