Today is Meena Day

Today is Meena Day
Today is Meena Day

Today is Meena Day on September 24. Every year on September 24, this day is celebrated as Meena Day in Bangladesh as well as in other countries of the world. This year the theme of the day is ‘Quality Education in a Safe and Joyful Environment’. Every year, the day announced by ‘UNICEF’ is celebrated in Sambar with the cooperation of various public and private organizations. The day is celebrated in South Asia, Africa and East-Asia countries including Bangladesh.

The day declared by UNICEF is celebrated around the world with the commitment to ensure enrollment of 100% of children able to go to school and to prevent dropout.

It is known that the day is celebrated with a pledge to ensure enrollment of 100% of school-able children and prevent dropouts. Meena is one of UNICEF’s major achievements in Bangladesh. Along with the development of education and health, the character of ‘Meena’ has been playing a very important role in creating awareness and delivering effective messages about child marriage, unequal distribution of food in the family, prevention of child labour, etc. Meena is a very popular Bengali cartoon among children and teenagers. This cartoon is made by UNICEF.

The main character of the cartoon, Meena, is an eight-year-old girl. He lives in a small village with his family. Through this character the image of children’s rights, education, culture, entertainment and physical and mental growth emerges.

Seen- Meena cartoon depicts the story of a family. Where Meena goes to school on time, plays sports with friends and helps with family chores. The character Meena is a girl character representing Bangladesh, Pakistan, India, Nepal and South Asian girls. Since 1998, government and private organizations have been celebrating Meena Day across the country.

The day is celebrated on 24 September every year. Like every year, this year also on the occasion of Meena Diwas celebration, rally, Essay competition on Meena, painting, dress up as you like, etc. activities have been taken with the students at the district and upazila levels.

On the other hand, the Directorate of Primary Education has taken detailed programs on this day. Among them – discussion program at Dhaka PTI (Mirpur-13). State Minister of Primary and Mass Education as the chief guest. Zakir Hossain and senior secretary of the ministry as special guests. Aminul Islam Khan will be present. Director General Shah Rezwan Hayat will preside.

Apart from this, the day-long program includes – Story telling sessions, motivational talks for children by special personalities, puppet shows and muppets shows, stall exhibitions, essay competitions, painting, dress up as you please and cultural programs on Meena. Besides, various programs will be organized in line with the national program at the divisional, district and upazila levels.


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