Unmasking of color thieves

Unmasking of color thieves
Unmasking of color thieves

I begin the article by presenting a few lines from the poem ‘Nyayadanda’ by the world poet Ravithakure. ‘Forgiveness where there is weak weakness, O Rudra, may I be cruel at your command./ As in the rasna, the truth of the truth rises up at your signal. Hate is like a straw.’ Through a very transparent and accountable judicial process, the trial judgment of a small number of criminals involved in the brutal killing of the father of the nation, Bangabandhu, has been executed. Not only has the nation been freed from stigma, but the entire human society including the people of the world has been immensely inspired. The nation has emphatically proved that no injustice can ever be condemned, the example of decontamination of society in the expression of intense hatred is the basic monument of civilization. Unfortunately, it is true that the power-absent anthropomorphic monsters are always lurking behind the scenes of killing-strategy formulation-implementation. Descendants of the murderous Mushtaq Gong have taken on the monstrous guise of the cursed nag-nagini by proliferating prodigiously. If these worst criminals are not identified and brought under justice, this judicial work cannot be completed.
According to popular opinion, important specialized institutions of the government including education and higher education are almost under the control of corrupt people due to fraud-forgery-falsification-trickery-acting and illegal-immoral money-dealing-so-lobbying trade. The conscious circles of the country are well aware of the various positions and medals of these despicable criminals. Prime Minister Deshartn The indomitable progress under the leadership of Sheikh Hasina, the establishment of sky-high development milestones of the country has made the country and its people a high-dimensional status in the world. It is very important to form a judicial investigation commission consisting of patriotic-honest and competent smart people and uncover the continued anti-national conspiracy of masked color thieves in true-objective-impartial trial-analysis. With the aim of creating an anarchic-unstable situation in the country, the defeated forces of darkness are bent on making the country fall into the terrible backwardness of the Pakistani regime. From the speech given in the National Parliament by a respected former minister and current MP very recently, it is easily surmised that the conspiracy to kill Bangabandhukanya is gaining momentum. The immense population of the country is united to destroy the daydreams of these miscreants living in fool’s paradise.
The majority of poor-poor-lower middle-middle class people are enjoying the benefits of multifaceted socio-economic schemes in urban-urban-periphery towns of the entire country. There is a strong rumor that the strange behavior of holding the country and the people hostage by misappropriating the entire resources of the state due to the evil activities of only a handful of 10-12 syndicate members is being observed everywhere. At the top of integrity and competence, they corner all the kandaris of bad times and they are capable of causing any kind of incident for personal benefit. The roots of the misdeeds of these miscreants in the country and abroad are so deep-rooted that it has become difficult to take legal action against them. The system of needless harassment-persecution-oppression by hanging brave people for expressing the least resistance or all comments-writing-likes that go against them is also their ax. In context, the significance of the speech delivered by the great hero of liberation, Bangabandhu, the architect of independent Bangladesh, at the batch passing out parade on January 11, 1975 at the premises of the temporary Bangladesh Military Academy in Comilla Cantonment, must be resounded repeatedly in the minds of the present generation.
In the said speech, Bangabandhu said, ‘After giving so much blood, the freedom that I have brought, the character of many people has not changed. Still bribery, corruption, smuggling, profiteers have made life miserable for the poor people of Bengal. For three long years I begged, pleaded, threatened them, they would not listen to the story of religion. But no more, I have spent my youth in prison for the people of Bengal. Seeing the suffering of these people makes me crazy. ………. I have to beg from abroad. And this gang of thieves destroys my poor people and devours them. I didn’t just give emergency. Now I have promised, if 25 years of these Pakistani oppressors from Jinnah to Ghulam Mohammad. Chowdhury Mohammad Ali, Ayub Khan, Yahya Khan can struggle by pulling the chest belt and gain freedom with the lives of my three million people, then can’t I? Surely I can inshAllah. These corrupt people, these bribe takers, these profiteers, these smugglers must be eliminated from the soil of Bengal. I have also taken a pledge, you too take a pledge, let the people of Bengal also take a pledge.’
As we all know, on January 10, 1972, Bangabandhu took office as the first president of the newly independent country under his leadership, and on January 12, Bangabandhu assumed the position of Prime Minister by introducing the parliamentary system.

With a deep love for the country’s soil, people, environment and nature, he concentrated on the reconstruction of the country. He announced the first general election in the country on March 7, 1973 as an effective step to institutionalize the democratic system in order to make independence fully meaningful. When Bangladesh embarked on a new journey in the unstoppable progress of the immeasurable achievements of the Father of the Nation, Bangabandhu, the worst, brutal and barbaric massacre in the history of civilized society was committed in the domestic and international conspiracy in the violent strategy of revenge and revenge.
The corruptors, bribe takers, profiteers and smugglers described in the above speech, in connivance with the evil vanquished forces, were engaged in some false-fabricated-baseless slander about all the members of Bangabandhu-Bangabandhu family since 1973-74. They not only termed the 25-year Bangladesh-India friendship agreement signed in 1972 as a chain of ‘slavery’, they also took the nefarious initiative of creating an anarchic situation in the country under the cover of various conspiracies. Moreover, the unusually high market price of rice hampering the timely supply of food grains, problems in obtaining short-term loans and the non-cooperation of the international community opposed to the Great War of Liberation further complicated the ongoing famine of 1974. In this case, the delay in providing 2.2 million tons of food aid by the United States due to Bangladesh’s jute export policy to Cuba is not unknown to anyone. On June 7, 1975, by announcing the structure of ‘Bangladesh Krishak Sramik Awami League’ consisting of representatives of various professions including politicians-teachers-soldiers-bureaucrats, Bangabandhu’s ‘Second Revolution’ program was observed to deal with the adverse situation. The ingrained idea of ​​the sinners was that if Bangabandhu was alive, their evil intentions would not be possible. As a result, a plan was made to create a field to kill Bangabandhu and his family in the hostile campaign of the artificial crisis of unbearable public suffering.
Through the statements of various responsible political personalities published in the media, the involvement of domestic and international conspirators, including the alleged radical right-leftists of the murderer Mushtaq Gong-collaborating army officers-in Nastdhara, in Bangabandhu’s murder has now been proven as true as daylight. A month before the assassination, the evidence of the wayward members of the army openly traveling to the US embassy can be found in the secret documents of various cables sent by US officials from Dhaka to Washington after the independence of Bangladesh released by the US State Department in 2005. According to the telegram (Secret Document No. 2158) sent from Dhaka by US Ambassador Eugene Boster on May 13, 1974, Colonel Farooq requested the cooperation of the US government to overthrow Sheikh Mujibur Rahman’s government on the orders of the highest level Bangladesh Army officer. According to sources published in various media, in an interview given in 1992, Farooq admitted that he had been planning to kill Bangabandhu for 15 months. On March 20, 1975, he met the then Deputy Army Chief Ziaur Rahman and had an open discussion. Upon hearing the final plan to carry out the coup, Zia refused to lead in person from the front, but instructed them to go their own way. On the other hand, after the assassination of Bangabandhu, they also held a meeting with Khandaker Moshtaq to keep the civilian leadership in the post of President. Mushtaq also agrees to their final plan to become president.
Recently, a strong demand has been raised by various quarters to form an independent commission of inquiry to identify the culprits behind the assassination of Bangabandhu in the family.

A writ petition has also been filed in the Hon’ble High Court in this regard. In a meeting organized on the occasion of the National Mourning Day, Appellate Division Justice Md. Nuruzzaman and Justice Obaidul Hasan urged the formation of a commission to find the conspirators of Bangabandhu’s murder. Drawing the government’s attention to the formation of the commission, Justice Md. Nuruzzaman said, ‘If the commission is formed, the real facts of this murder will come out and will be a part of history.’ Justice Obaidul Hasan said, ‘There should be a commission. Who was involved in this murder, who was involved, whether local or foreign, if it is not revealed through a commission, future generations will not know what happened that day. Bangabandhu was physically killed by some military men. They were tried and hanged. Is that enough? I think the government will consider the proposal I left to set history on the right track.’
Parashrikat-anti-national-beneficiary foreigners are still building an impenetrable wall of multifaceted conspiracies across the country, reflecting the ugly thoughts and consciousness of the failure to hold and discover Bangladesh in their hearts. On the occasion of Martyrs’ Day on 22 February 2022, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said, ‘Conspiracy starts whenever Bengalis move forward. A section of the country wants to remain subjugated since the past. There is a class in this country who do not know how to live with self-respect. They want to survive by selling their self-esteem. They like to be subjugated. They do not see the glory-prosperity-development of this country. I am surprised by their way of thinking.’ Quoting Bangabandhu’s writings, he further said, ‘Bangabandhu used to say, ‘The soil of Bangladesh is fertile, weeds also grow here along with crops. So don’t worry about them. There will be weeds in society. Bengalis have to think how to remove them.’ In the light of the Prime Minister’s extraordinary truthfulness, every citizen of the Bengali nation is awake with the hope of unmasking the killers-color thieves and starting and completing the proper trial against them as soon as possible.

Author: Educationist, Former Vice-Chancellor
University of Chittagong

The article is in Bengali

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