Salvation of this time in Namaz, Salvation in the Hereafter and Evaluation of Namaz in Medical Science

Salvation of this time in Namaz, Salvation in the Hereafter and Evaluation of Namaz in Medical Science
Salvation of this time in Namaz, Salvation in the Hereafter and Evaluation of Namaz in Medical Science

Prayer is a physical act of worship. It is a pillar of Islam. (Bukhari-Muslim). It is obligatory upon the believer to perform the prayer at the proper time. (Surah Nisa: 103). By realizing it there is worldly welfare and hereafter liberation. Allah has revealed about 109 verses about prayer in the Holy Quran, from which the significance of prayer can be understood. Allah Almighty says: Surely prayer prevents one from indecent and indecent acts. (Surah Ankabut: 45). Below is a brief overview of the worldly and hereafter benefits of prayer, the evaluation of prayer in medical science.
Punctuality: Prayer teaches people punctuality and makes them aware of time. Renowned journalist, independent thinker, Indian leader, Dewan Shing Maftun wrote in his famous and widely circulated book Riyasat, Namaz is an act that teaches people punctuality. Discipline: A kind of discipline is visible in the prayer queue. Without forcing any kind of force on us, they willingly stand in a row and stand in prayer, which teaches us discipline. It is one of the means of discipline education.
Social education: If we want to build a healthy society, every person in the society should walk with the attitude of mutual sympathy and compassion. If we observe, we can see that small-big, rich-poor, caste discrimination and different differences are forgotten and stand together in prayer. So prayer is one of the gurus of social education. Focus and Consistency: Every task requires deep focus and consistency. And it is difficult to get full results in work that lacks deep focus and determination. When a believer stands in prayer, he has to put aside various thoughts and perform each step of the prayer well, keeping the meditation of Allah fixed in his mind. And it is through Namaj that deep concentration and concentration can be practiced.
Evaluation of prayer in medical science: We sleep through the night. Then the limbs become dull, depressed and depressed. Proper blood circulation stops. Therefore, the body needs an exercise so that the blood can reach the whole body and the body regains vitality in a new way, so we complete that exercise by Tahajjud and Fajr prayers. Prayer is the best exercise: Renowned American doctor Bartham Joseph shared his experience about prayer and Islam in an interview. According to his experience, prayer is a complete and appropriate physical exercise.
A Pakistani doctor travels to Europe to pursue a higher degree in physiotherapy. There he was taught an exercise exactly like prayer, then he was shocked to see that exercise. Amazing! Till now we used to consider prayer as a religious duty. But now I see that there is a wonderful secret in it. By this, major diseases are eradicated. The doctor gave a list of diseases that are cured by this exercise. 1. mental illness 2. Neurological disease. 3. Restlessness, depression, anxiety disorders. 4. Psychiatric disease. 5. Heart’s anger. 6. twin disease 7. Diseases caused by uric acid. 8. Stomach and ulcer disease. 9. Diabetes and its effects. 10. Eye and throat diseases.
Hereafter benefits: Allah Almighty says, those who guard their prayers, they will be honored in Paradise. (Surah Maarij: 35). The Prophet (peace be upon him) said that whoever prays five times at the right time, I will admit him to Paradise under my responsibility. (Ibn Majah, Abu Dawud, Nasa’i). Hazrat Abdullah Ibn Umar (R.A.) said that the Prophet (S.A.W.) said one day during a discussion about prayer, “Whoever performs prayer, prayer will be a light for him on the Day of Resurrection, and a document at the time of reckoning, and a means of salvation.” (Musnad Ahmad).

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