School girl killed after rape in Noakhali

School girl killed after rape in Noakhali
School girl killed after rape in Noakhali

The police have arrested three people including Abdur Rahim Roni, her former coaching teacher, in connection with the murder of Tasnia Hossain Adita, a schoolgirl of Ward No. 3, Lakshminarayanpur area of ​​Noakhali Municipality. District Superintendent of Police Md. Shahidul Islam confirmed this information in a press conference at his office at around 1:15 on Friday.
Superintendent of Police said that after recovering the dead student’s body, multiple teams of police conducted separate operations and arrested Israfil (14), his brother Saeed (20) and Abdur Rahim Roni (20). He is believed to be initially involved in the murder. Roni’s head, neck, throat and other parts of the body are scratched by nails. A knife used in the murder was recovered from the spot. A murder case is being prepared in the incident.
He also said that after Roni’s coaching, Adita stopped studying and started private lessons at another place. Roni gets angry. On the occasion of Adita’s mother not being at home, he went to the house sometime between 12:00 and 2:00 pm on last Thursday, he raped Adita and later killed Adita by cutting her hand and throat with a dagger in the house to cover up the incident and scattered the goods in the almirah in the house to divert the incident. keeps But nothing valuable was lost.
Police recovered Adita’s body from a room of Jahan Manzil around 9:30 pm on Thursday. The body was lying on the bed, half-naked, with wounds on the neck and both hands. Deceased Adita was an eighth grade student of Noakhali Government Girls’ High School and daughter of deceased Riaz Hussain of Abul Khair Peshkar’s house in Ward No. 3 of Laxminarayanpur Mohalla of Noakhali Municipality. His mother is a teacher in a local private school.
Hundreds of youths, representatives of various civil organizations held human chain and protested to demand the trial of Tasnia Hossain Adita’s (14) killers. A human chain and protest was held in front of the District Commissioner’s office from 10 am yesterday at Mujib Chatter under the banner of conscious Noakhali residents. During the human chain and protest rallies, there were demands for a proper investigation into the Tasnia killings and exemplary justice by arresting the culprits. At the same time, expressing concern over the continuous deterioration of law and order in Noakhali, safety of girls and necessary steps were demanded to stop juvenile gangs.
Meanwhile, District Awami League Joint Convenor and Noakhali District Judge Shihab Uddin Shaheen said that no lawyer will stand for the accused in the Tasmiya Hossain Adita murder case. Shaheen made this announcement yesterday afternoon while consoling the family members of the deceased Adita in Lakshminarayanpur area of ​​the district city. At that time, Shihab Uddin Shaheen called upon the administration to bring the juvenile gang members who are flourishing in different areas of the city under the law.

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