Ore, I will not go home today, brother, I will not go home today…

Ore, I will not go home today, brother, I will not go home today…
Ore, I will not go home today, brother, I will not go home today…

The fine arts campus is completely wrapped in greenery. How many types of trees mature tree The branches spread in a luxurious manner have made the whole environment as if it were their own. Autumn Vandana on Friday, sitting right inside this authentic nature environment. The seasonal diversity of Bengal was reminded from the civic festival organized in Dhaka in the morning. The artists told where the position of autumn is in the six seasons, what are its characteristics, why the festival is celebrated around it. Besides singing and dancing, there was poetry. The story chat was accumulated. All in all it was a great morning.
During the holidays, the festival gathered when most of the people in the capital city were asleep. Everyone gathered at Dhaka University Faculty of Fine Arts campus, to be more specific, at Bakultala. Autumn festival starts at around 7:30 am with bangla drum. Swapan Mia’s drumming spread the message of the festival to the surrounding area. The inside of everyone present should ring again. After the instrumental music, the main event begins. Sarat Vandana is sometimes sung, sometimes danced or written in poetry. Rabindranath’s songs are sung as always. Kabiguru’s song captures what Autumn is soft. If we talk about the song sung by Fahim Hossain Chowdhury, the artist was singing: ‘Now in the night of Shiulisurvi Bikshi Jyotsnate / Mridu Murmorgane Tab Mermer Bani Bolo / Now open the veil.’ Beautifully sung, the singer herself perfectly captures the mood and mood of autumn. Anima Roy performed ‘Aaj dhar khe raudrachaayay kokochuri khel re bhai, kokochuri khel/neel akashe ke vasale white meher vela re bhai- kokochuri khel.’ In this well-known song, autumn becomes an occasion of joy and celebration. May increase the joy of own singing. Small artistes of Panchabhaswar performed the same song in unison. As this group of youngsters sang ‘Ore Jao Na Aaj Gharre Re Bhai, Jao Na Aaj Ghare’, the weary citizens gave them unstinting support. A children’s organization named Shilpavrit also enthralled the audience with a performance. The group of 25 people salutes autumn with sweet rhyming songs.
Nazrul’s song was sung by Biman Chandra Mistry. He appeared in the autumn with a dismal mind. He sang, ‘Wake up alone on such a night in the autumn night with a garland of flowers. Nazrul was also in Ananya’s unique beautiful performance. Suranandan’s artists remind us of the path that the poet mentioned in the song. Another famous song of Nazrul was sung by artists of Surbihar ‘Shiulitla Bhorbelaya Kusum Kuray Palli-Bala’. Vahnishikha chooses the arrival song. And after a few days, autumn festival. They invited Durgatinashini by singing ‘Shisire Shisire Sharad Akashe Bhorer Ahangani’. Tapsee Ghosh’s Kirtan,
Folk songs were another feature of Sharat Bandana on this day. Artists performed several folk songs. Biman Chandra Biswas, Mamun Zahid Khan Sanjay Kabiraj Arif Rahman’s song breaks the sense of citizenship and steals it into the depths of true feelings. The audience is overwhelmed with emotions. Naila Tarannum Kakali, Masuduzzaman, Ahsan Ullah Tamal and others paid homage to Sharat in poetry.
State Minister for Culture KM Khalid, Dhaka University Vice-Chancellor Akhtaruzzaman, Cultural Alliance President Golam Kudduch were guests at the festival. The general secretary of the organizing organization Manjar Chowdhury Sweet delivered the welcome speech.

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