A schoolgirl was raped and killed by slitting her throat in Noakhali

A schoolgirl was raped and killed by slitting her throat in Noakhali
A schoolgirl was raped and killed by slitting her throat in Noakhali

The police have arrested three people in connection with the recovery of the schoolgirl’s throat-slit body. Initially, the police believe that they are involved in the murder. The arrested are Israfil (14), his brother Saeed (20) and Abdur Rahim Roni (30). Among them, there are nail scratches on Roni’s head, neck, neck and other parts of the body. A knife used in the murder was recovered from the spot. Earlier on Thursday night, the police recovered the body of the schoolgirl (14) with her throat cut from her house.
Superintendent of Police Md Shahidul Islam confirmed this information in a press conference at his office on Friday afternoon and said that the police have arrested two people including her former coaching teacher Abdur Rahim Roni in connection with the murder of schoolgirl Tasnia Hossain Adita in Laxminarayanpur area of ​​Noakhali city. Arrested Roni is the son of Khalil Mia of Laxminarayanpur area. He has nail scratches on his head, neck and throat. A knife used in the murder was recovered from the spot.
He also said that after Roni’s coaching, Adita stopped studying and started private lessons at another place. This angered Roni, although later he used to come and go to Adita’s house several times. On the occasion of Adita’s mother not being at home, he went to the house sometime between 12:00 and 2:00 pm on Thursday and forcibly raped Adita and later killed her by cutting her hand and throat with a dagger in the house to cover up the incident. Incidentally, the goods in the cupboard are scattered in the house to be taken to different sectors. But nothing valuable was lost. Earlier, the police recovered Adita’s body from a room of Jahan Manzil around 9:30 pm on Thursday. She is an eighth grade student of Noakhali Government Girls School. The dead body was lying on the bed half-naked, with the throat and two hands cut.
Going to that house on Friday morning, it was seen that the crying of the bedridden mother did not stop because of her daughter’s grief. Neighbors are trying to comfort him. Lamenting the student’s mother said – ‘What is my crime! Why did they kill my daughter so brutally? I told everyone in the area about my daughter being molested, but no one listened to me. No one prosecuted the bullies. If they had judged on time, my daughter would not have had to die so prematurely today. How can I live without my daughter! What will I be with!’
According to the family sources of the deceased schoolgirl, the woman left her schoolgirl at home and went to her workplace on Thursday morning. Returning home in the evening, he found the lock hanging on the door. Later, when he opened the door with the key he had, he saw that the things in the room were in a disorderly state. At that time, he found the door of an inner room closed. Later, he went out and saw his daughter’s dead body lying in the room through the window. Later, the bloody body of the student was recovered by breaking the door. Sudharam Thana police reached the spot around 8:30 pm after receiving the information.
Three days remand of private teacher. The court has ordered the three-day remand of the main accused private teacher and three other accused in the case of rape and strangulation of a school girl studying in the eighth standard in the district town of Maizdi.
On Friday evening in the court of Noakhali Chief Judicial Magistrate, the police applied for a ten-day remand of the main accused Abdur Rahim Roni. The senior judge of the court ordered Roni’s three-day remand and sent the other accused to jail.

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