What did the dignitaries say to Takrim?

What did the dignitaries say to Takrim?
What did the dignitaries say to Takrim?

The ’42nd King Abdulaziz International Hifzul Quran Competition’ was held in the Holy Mecca of Saudi Arabia. Bangladesh’s little Hafez Saleh Ahmad Takrim signed the achievement by participating in this global event. He secured the third position in the fourth group (15-para group) of the competition. Takreem is floating in the tide of praise of people of various classes and professions across the country for this great achievement.

Maulana Mizanur Rahman Azhari, an eminent Islamic negotiator and renowned Da’i, congratulated him. Maulana Azhari congratulated him through a post on his verified Facebook page around noon on Thursday.

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He wrote in it, ‘Sabas Takrim! Dua and congratulations to you. His recitation has a special appeal. It really touches the mind. I like it very much. May this streak of success continue. Takrims are more and more born in this land. Spread the meaning of Quran worldwide. Keep our flag high on the global stage’

Bangladesh’s popular writer Anisul Haque congratulated Takrim on this achievement. On Friday morning, the author of the popular novel ‘Ma’ posted a picture of Prothom Alo news about Takrim on his Facebook page. The caption reads, ‘Congratulations, Saleh Ahmad Takrim.’

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Cricketer Mushfiqur Rahim also congratulated the little Hafez. He posted a picture of Takrim holding the award and captioned it in English. Which means: ‘Masha Allah, Alhamdulillah. Proud of you little brother. Please pray for us.’

Oram Sani, a popular actor of Dhakai cinema, expressed his happiness at this achievement of Saleh Ahmad Takrim. He shared a photo of the national flag of Bangladesh along with a photo of world champion Takrim on his Facebook page. He wrote in the caption, ‘Alhamdulillah. Hafez ‘Saleh Ahmed Taqreem’s 3rd place finish in the International Hifzul Quran Competition, beating 111 countries. May my golden Bangladesh be glorified by the glory of the children of creation shining with the golden light of Islam. May the Most Merciful grant you a more glorious life. Amen.’

Popular singer Asif also congratulated Takreem. He wrote on his Facebook, ‘Hafez Saleh Ahmed Takrim, the son of Tangail Nagarpur Bhadra, showed his talent again. Hafez Takrim is a student of Markazu Faizil Quran Al Islami, Dhaka, Mirpur, capital. Hafez Takrim’s father Hafez Abdur Rahman is a madrasa teacher and mother a homemaker. Hafez Takreem won the third place among 111 countries in the International Hifzul Quran Competition held in Saudi Arabia despite physical ailments. Earlier, Bangladesh contestant Hafez Saleh Ahmad Takrim won the first place in the world in the 38th edition of the International Hifzul Quran Competition held in Tehran, Iran. Had the privilege of speaking with Hafez Takreem in one of Face the People’s discussions at Saifur Sagar. I found him incredibly smart and brilliant. Every honor brought to the country from the outside world is a matter of pride for us. Many love wishes and congratulations to Hafez Takreem and his respected teachers. I wish him success in the future. Love is endless…’

Congratulating cricketer Rubel Takrim, he wrote, “Bangladesh’s pride Hafez Saleh Ahmad Takrim won the 3rd place in the international Quran competition held in Makkah among 111 countries. Mashallah, congratulations to little Hafez. Every international achievement for the country is a matter of pride and joy.’

Popular TV actor Sajal Noor congratulated Takrim and wrote, ‘Alhamdulillah. 3rd in International Quran Competition. Congratulations to Hafez Saleh Ahmad Takrim of Bangladesh.

Former cricketer Abdur Razzak Raj wrote, ‘Alhamdulillah. great achievement May Allah accept you as a true Muslim.’

‘Khelbei Bangladesh’ founder Kazi Sabir shared a photo of little Hafez Takrim standing in front of a huge banner. He wrote in the caption, ‘Great! How big his achievement is the size of the banner and the smallness of the boy in front of the banner can be seen, how big an achievement compared to his age! Even if it is not your own language, it is a great achievement to win over the speakers of that region! He must have heard countless times, ‘Hey, what will you do in Madrasah?’ Instead of your own name, you may have to hear the call of ‘Hujur’ more in life! But that ‘Hujur’ has brought honor to that country today!’

Journalist Fatema Abedin Najla also congratulated Takrim. He also shared a picture of little Takreem standing in front of a big banner. He wrote, ‘Look at the picture, how big it is written on the wall. He has a voice. Masha Allah’.

In this way, many people are congratulating Takrim in various ways. The whole country is excited about Takrim’s achievement.

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