Saudi Arabia found huge gold reserves in the city of Medina

Saudi Arabia found huge gold reserves in the city of Medina
Saudi Arabia found huge gold reserves in the city of Medina

The Wall Bureau: A new huge gold deposit was found in the holy city of Medina in Saudi Arabia. Apart from gold, copper mines have also been found. The Saudi Geological Survey said this by tweeting.

Gold ore has been discovered in the Aba-al-Raha region of Madinah. 4 copper hoards are also reported to have been discovered in the Al-Madiq region of Al-Fara area of ​​Madinah. According to Saudi Geological Survey, this new discovery will open new doors for entertainment to the whole world.

According to a report by Al-Arbia, the discovery of this gold deposit is expected to attract local and international investors, which will help boost the national economy. Officials of the Geological Survey believe that this new discovery can bring an investment of at least 533 million dollars. They also hope that at least 4 thousand jobs will be created here.

Incidentally, Saudi Arabia is very rich in mineral resources. Apart from the world’s largest oil reserves, the country also has a large number of metal and mineral resources. Last January, Professor Abdulaziz bin Laban, chairman of the Geological Survey, said that there are at least 5,300 mines in Saudi Arabia, including gemstones, building materials and precious stones, in addition to metallic and non-metallic stones.

Medina is considered to be the second holiest city in Islam after Mecca. The tomb of Hazrat Muhammad, the last prophet of Islam, is located in this Medina. Besides, there is Al-Masjid-Al-Nababi Mosque built by Muhammad in Madinah. Every year millions of Muslims from all over the world visit the city of Medina to perform Hajj.

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