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Maryam Mymensingh, police demand DNA test to ‘identify body’ of missing mother

Maryam Mymensingh, police demand DNA test to ‘identify body’ of missing mother
Maryam Mymensingh, police demand DNA test to ‘identify body’ of missing mother

Maryam and her sisters went to Phulpur police station to identify the body of an unidentified woman found in Mymensingh as her mother’s or not. After seeing the recovered woman’s clothes, Maryam initially said that it was her mother’s body. Maryam and her family members went to Mymensingh on Friday morning in search of mother Rahima Begum (55), who has been missing for 28 days. Maryam claimed her mother’s body after seeing the clothes in the morning. However, the police say that it is not possible to definitively identify the body without a DNA test.

Abdullah Al Mamun, officer-in-charge (OC) of Mymensingh’s Phulpur police station, told the media that the body of the recovered woman was half-melted. His clothes and evidence were collected. Maryam and her sisters came to the police station around 10:30 this morning. They saw the salwar of the dead woman and said it matched her mother. In this way it is not possible to identify the body. Accurate identification is not possible without DNA testing. Further action including DNA test is under process. According to police sources, on the morning of September 10, the police recovered the body of an unidentified woman in a sack from the bushes of a cemetery in Baola area of ​​Phulpur police station in Mymensingh. Maryam wants to know about the clothes and signs of the recovered body from the police station. Maryam claimed that it was her mother’s body after hearing about the clothes and the recovered signs.

Before this, Maryam posted a status on Facebook on Thursday night. In a post on her Facebook ID about finding her mother’s body at around 12:15 am, Maryam wrote, ‘I have just found my mother’s body.’ In another post at 12:04 pm, he wrote, I will not go to anyone else. I will not tell anyone where my mother is! Don’t tell anyone help me. Don’t tell anyone, find my mother. I will not bother anyone anymore. I have found my mother.’

Incidentally, Rahima Begum went missing from her home in North Banikpara, Maheswarpasha, Khulna city around 27 August, while fetching water from the tube well. He did not return home after that. The husband and the tenants found her used veil, sandals and bucket in the bush beside the tube well. That night, the children looked for their mother in all possible places, including relatives and surroundings. Rahima’s six children sometimes approached law enforcement, sometimes Mikeing, sometimes relatives. After the press conference, he filed a case at Daulatpur police station on September 14 to find his mother. The PBI took charge of the investigation on the plea of ​​the plaintiff in the case. The case was transferred from Daulatpur police station to PBI on September 17.

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