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Amid Puja, great anxiety appeared in the district, the government called a high-level meeting

Kolkata : Prevention of dengue infection in the state before the festival season is now going to be a big challenge for the state. The rate of dengue infection is increasing steadily in different districts of the state. Most dengue cases have increased in some districts including Kolkata North 24 Parganas. In this situation, the chief secretary called an emergency meeting on Friday, i.e. today. A high-level meeting was called by Navanna from five o’clock in the afternoon. Chief Health Officers and District Administrators of each district have been instructed to attend the meeting virtually. Besides, the secretaries of six departments of the state have also been asked to attend the meeting.

According to Navanna sources, the secretaries of the six departments of Health, Works, Information and Culture, Irrigation and Waterways, and Transport have been asked to be present at the meeting. It is believed that from today’s meeting, some important decisions regarding the prevention of dengue infection may be announced by Navanna. There is growing speculation about the presence of the secretaries of 6 departments of the state.

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Durga Puja will practically begin from next week. On the other hand, rain is also forecast. Dengue infection in several districts including Kolkata has worried top officials. In this situation, it is thought that some outlines of how prevention is possible can be made in today’s meeting.

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Besides, it is believed that some decisions or outlines can be given in the meeting on how the hospitals will prepare for the festival season. Several guidelines have already been issued by the State Health Department to prevent dengue infection. In which several instructions have been given starting from fever clinic to various medical colleges and health centers. There is no doubt that today’s meeting is going to be quite important.

Published by:Suman Biswas

First published: September 23, 2022, 12:56 IST

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Tags: Puja great anxiety appeared district government called highlevel meeting

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