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North-and-south-dinajpur-weather-update-of-23 September | North And South Dinajpur Weather Update: The district may get wet throughout the day, how will the weather be today in Dinajpur?

Weather Update: North can get wet with South. The weather of North Dinajpur may remain cloudy from this morning. According to the forecast of the weather office, the weather of the district may change in the afternoon. But this rain may not happen everywhere. The weather forecast at 6 am said that the relative humidity in the air in the district exceeded 93 percent. North wind is blowing at 5 km/h. The morning temperature has already crossed 27 degrees Celsius. This temperature will increase during the day. Hawa Morog says that there may be light to moderate rain in North Dinajpur today.

South Dinajpur Weather update: A similar situation may occur in the south. Here too, scattered rain with thunder may occur in some parts of the district. In the morning, the humidity in the air exceeded 90 percent. The temperature in the district has already reached 26 degrees Celsius. Wind speed is 5 km per hour. According to the weather office, there may be light rain in the south. In that case, even if it rains in the morning, there is less chance of such rain in the afternoon.

The state is likely to receive rain under the influence of low pressure forming over the Bay of Bengal. However, light and moderate rain may occur in some districts. Scattered heavy rain is likely over two Medinipur, South 24 Parganas and Jhargram. The weather department of Alipur has given such a forecast in the face of puja preparations.

How will the weather be in Puja?
Mahalaya on Sunday, less than two weeks left to read the kathi in Puja. But Ashwin’s face is heavy from the beginning. Sometimes it rains.

Puja will be washed away in the rain?
From businessmen to ordinary people, when this fear is swirling in everyone’s mind, the Alipur Meteorological Department heard some relief. According to the sources of the Meteorological Department, there will not be much rain in Bengal due to the low pressure created in the Bay of Bengal.

Light to moderate rain
Scattered light to moderate rain may occur in some districts of North and South Bengal for the next 3-4 days. Sanjeev Banerjee, Eastern Regional Director of Meteorological Department, said that a low pressure is present over Northwest Bay of Bengal and adjoining West Central Bay of Bengal at the moment. This depression will not bring much rain. Light to moderate rain may occur in the districts of South Bengal for the next 3-4 days. Light to moderate rains may also occur over North Bengal.

Where is the direction of low pressure?
According to the Met Office, the depression concentrated in the Bay of Bengal is heading towards the Odisha coast. A low pressure axis is active from Ranchi in Jharkhand over southern Bengal to Balasore in Odisha. Due to its influence, scattered heavy rains are predicted in some places of two Medinipur, South 24 Parganas and Jhargram. As the depression moves west, rain will increase over Purulia, Bankura, Birbhum and parts of West Burdwan.

Fisherman’s Mana
Sanjeev Banerjee, eastern regional director of the Meteorological Department said, further west, moderate rain will increase in some parts of Purulia, Bankura and Birbhum and West Burdwan. Mainly light to moderate rains will occur due to low pressure in western region, fishermen are prohibited from going to sea.

The article is in Bengali

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