West Bengal News: Fake gold was sold at the fair, jewelry worth lakhs of rupees was stolen from his house! Serious incident

Habra : Real gold jewelery worth lakhs of rupees along with cash was stolen from the house of a traveling fair shopkeeper who used to sell fake gold at fairs throughout the year. There is a lot of excitement in the area due to theft before Puja.

The tragic incident of theft took place in North Habra playground area of ​​Habra police station. According to local sources, Bappa Debnath, a young man of the area, along with the rest of his family, mother Jayanti Debnath and wife Rupa Debnath, runs a mobile shop in different parts of the state in fairs. This Debnath family of Habra. Bappa Debnath came to Habra home with his mother and wife on Thursday night after setting up shop in Nadia on the occasion of Durga Puja.

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As soon as the door of the house was opened, the group of thieves broke the back door of the house one by one – cut the grill – broke the cupboard and stole five thousand rupees in cash and gold jewelry worth about lakhs of rupees. The Debnath family is worried about the theft of the Bengali dance puja just a few days later.

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Housewife Rupa Debnath said, “We sell imitation gold in fairs and today the real gold in our house was stolen.” The rings, earrings, and branches given by the father’s house are all finished. There is nothing else.” However, a written complaint has been filed with the Habra police station, giving the details of the theft incident.

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First published: September 23, 2022, 12:29 IST

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Tags: West Bengal News Fake gold sold fair jewelry worth lakhs rupees stolen house incident

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