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How was the Chinese food problem solved?

People are the foundation of the country, food grains are the life of the people. Chinese President Xi Jinping has laid great importance on food security. After the Eighteenth Congress of China, he visited almost all the agricultural production areas of the country. People always see that he visited the fields, the farmer’s house, the cultivation of crops and inquired about the life of the farmer. During the visit, he repeatedly highlighted the importance of food security.

In May 2021, a sudden act of Xi Jinping during his visit to Hainan province in central China made a deep impression on everyone. On the way to the inspection, he suddenly got down from the car and inspected the condition of wheat cultivation in the neighboring fields. Looking at the yield of wheat, he said, if there is food yield in summer, the economy of the whole country is guaranteed to develop. To ensure food safety, the seeds must be seen by hand.

In July 2020, Xi Jinping visited Chilin Province in Northeast China. His first step was the grain field. In that visit, he said, food is the basis of everything, control of crop pests should be strengthened. Good harvest of autumn crops is to be ensured.

In September 2018, Xi Jinping visited China’s Heilongjiang Province after the ‘First Chinese Farmers’ Harvest Festival’. He goes to the wheat fields, to the paddy fields, to see the condition of the crops. He said the Chinese should hold their own bowl of food and have their own grown grains in it.

Solving the food problem of China’s 1.4 billion people has always been an important issue related to the country’s development and people’s livelihood. Xi Jinping has repeatedly emphasized that food security is a strategic issue.

Behind such emphasis is his thinking about the development of the country as a president.

He said, look, the really powerful countries in the world, they can all solve their own food problems. Ensuring food security is an all time issue. It can never be ignored.

On March 6, during the two annual sessions of China, Xi Jinping gave some information and said that after hard efforts, China has nurtured about one-fifth of the world’s population with 9 percent of the world’s arable land and 6 percent of fresh water resources. In the past 40 crore people were starving. Now more than 1.4 billion people can eat enough and good food. Which is the answer to the question ‘Who cherishes China’?

So who nurtures China? China must be self-reliant, solve its own food problems, Xi Jinping insisted.

Seeds are important to ensure food security. Xi Jinping said, if the Chinese hold the seed in their hand, the Chinese can also hold the bowl. Can implement food security.

Millions of farmers should be given importance to ensure food security. He said, farmers should be encouraged to grow crops, farmers should be subsidized stably. Farmers need to ensure profitability and income from crop cultivation.

And for food security, arable land has to be protected. China has the strictest protection of arable land. Along with that, the application of modern scientific farming is being strengthened in China. Yu Si District in central China’s Henan Province is the country’s best agricultural produce area. The district is the best food producing district in China. In recent years, through the modernization of agriculture, Yu Si district has developed a large number of high quality farms. Improving well-intelligent agriculture. The district can cope with heavy rainfall especially during summer. which laid the foundation for sustainable and stable production of food.

Currently, about 40 percent of people in the world have access to healthy food. The number of hungry and malnourished people is increasing. More and more people are going hungry because of the coronavirus. Ensuring food safety in China is contributing to global epidemic prevention and economic and social development.


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