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The legal wing of the Bangladesh Football Federation (BAFFE) has made a general diary at the airport and Motijheel police station on Thursday regarding the theft of dollars of the two forwards Krishna Rani Sarkar and Shamsunnahar who won the title of the women’s SAFF championship. Meanwhile, the authority of Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport has denied the incident of theft. They said this in a statement yesterday.

After the women’s footballers who won the SAFF Championship returned from Nepal on Wednesday afternoon, everyone was busy welcoming them at the crowded airport. Abandoning the scheduled press conference due to the chaos, they were taken from the airport in an open-top bus to the Buffet building with a royal welcome. But in the meantime, a sad incident happened. Two female footballers, Krishna Rani Sarkar and Shamsunnahar Sr., were robbed of their dollars during the crowd at the airport. At first, no one noticed the incident amid the joy. Later, while opening their luggage, they found out about the theft of dollars.

After returning from the airport, Krishna’s 900 dollars and Bangladeshi 50 thousand taka and Shamsunnahar’s (senior) 400 dollars were not found. After knowing the matter, the officials of Bangladesh Football Federation were shaken. Mahfuza Akhter Kiran, Chairman of Women’s Wing, said in an informal press conference at Bauffe Bhavan on Thursday, ‘We have formally written to Biman Bangladesh Airlines, Civil Aviation. Apart from this, general diary (GD) has also been done in Motijheel police station and airport police station through the legal wing of Bafuf. “It means a lot to little girls,” she added. If it is not finally detected we will give them this money.’ BAF general secretary Abu Naeem Sohag said, ‘We have already made a general diary at Motijheel Police Station and Airport Police Station. People from Buff’s legal department are working there. Apart from this, for the sake of further investigation, the CCTV footage of Buffe Bhavan will also be seen if necessary.

Meanwhile, in a statement, Hazrat Shahjalal (RA) International Airport Authority denied the theft of two footballers’ money from the airport. A statement signed by Group Captain Kamrul Islam, executive director of the airport yesterday, informed that the GB 372 flight carrying the Bangladesh Women’s Football Team, which won the Saf Women’s Football Championship, landed at the airport last Wednesday at 1:42 p.m. Later, Imran, protocol representative of Bafuf, accepted the luggage. Later two footballers were accused of stealing money. Based on the complaint, the authority of Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport has confirmed that the truth of the incident has not been proven by monitoring and analyzing the CCTV footage.

From aircraft landing to baggage makeup area, arrival of trolleys, first baggage drop at baggage makeup area, first baggage drop at Conveyor Belt-08 and last baggage drop at baggage makeup area, the statement said, Baggage was handled by the protocol representative and two team officials at Buff. Tagged, fully intact and locked, Biman left the airport after receiving all the luggage from the Bangladesh Airlines authorities. Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport Authority is determined to improve, ensure the quality of passenger services and uphold the image of the country.

Mahfuza Akhtar Kiran, Chairman of Women’s Football Wing, said in the press conference, “If there is no evidence of dollar theft at Shahjalal Airport in Dhaka, then we will contact Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu, Nepal.” I will request them to investigate whether the incident happened there or not.’ It has been reported that intelligence agencies in charge of security at the airport, multiple units of Dhaka Metropolitan Police, APBN and Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) have reached the ground to catch the thief in the case of theft of dollars of Krishna Rani Sarkar and Shamsunnahar Sr. at the airport.

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