No one rescued the children even though they saved their mobile phones in the sinking boat

Chaidur Rahman Naeem, Katiadi (Kishoreganj) representative: While watching the boat race, a small boat collided with a racing boat and sank. Earlier, the boat ride was going live on the mobile of some people in this boat. At such a time, if the racing boat falls in front, there is no control In a moment, it sank with a huge shock. At such times, some people are seen swimming and floating. The phone was still floating live. People’s desire to live was coming. At such time, two children are seen holding each other’s shoulders. There was a desire to live in their voice A few others are seen floating with phones in their hands. At that time another boat is seen passing by.

No one stopped to rescue them. It was important to them to keep running despite the danger. After the video of this scene went viral, there was a storm of discussion and criticism. Everyone feels sorry for the children after seeing the video. The question has arisen, the price of mobile phone was higher than the life of children? The question why people did not come forward to save even after seeing the racing boat is on people’s faces. The film still makes everyone cry.

In Kishoreganj’s Hossainpur, Saheberchar area, the bodies of three people, including a child, who went missing in a boat sinking while visiting the old Brahmaputra river were recovered. Kishoreganj and Hossainpur fire service personnel rescued the floating bodies of three people from three places in the Brahmaputra river in Mymensingh’s Pagla police station area on Wednesday (September 21), 40 hours after the boat capsized. Police handed over the recovered bodies to the families of the victims in the presence of the Executive Magistrate. At this time, the area became heavy with the cries and cries of the relatives

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According to local sources, on Wednesday (September 21), fishermen saw the bodies of the missing people floating while fishing and informed the relatives. Later, the fire service personnel recovered three bodies from three places. The relatives of the deceased went and identified their bodies. After the recovery of the body, the body was handed over without post-mortem in the face of no objection from the family of the deceased.

According to the police and relatives of those who died in the boat sinking, Yasin’s body was recovered from Charshakchura area of ​​Pagla police station in Mymensingh, Yasin’s uncle Sifat’s body was recovered from Harina (Gabishomahal) and Shamim’s body was recovered from Brahmaputra river in Laimkal area.

The deceased Shamim (32) is the son of deceased Kitab Ali of Tarapasha upazila, Yachin is the son of Monir Mia of Char Shakchunda village of Gafargaon upazila of Mymensingh and Sifat (17) is the son of Yachin’s uncle Samad Munsi.

On Monday (September 19), the Sheikh Russell boat race was held on the Brahmaputra river under the initiative of Upazila Sidla Union Awami League. Prime Minister’s special assistant agriculturist Masiur Rahman Humayun was the chief guest.

Relatives of the victims claimed that they had to die in such an accident because there was no safety system.

SI of Bhairab Naval Police (Kishorganj region). Russell Mia said that he did not know anything about the boat race as the organizers did not inform them about it.

Hossainpur Police Station Officer-in-Charge (OC) Muhammad Masud Alam said that as none of the families of the deceased were willing to conduct the post-mortem, the bodies were handed over to the families at Musleka.

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