It is the businessmen who want the price increase to be filled with the ‘swindlers’

It is the businessmen who want the price increase to be filled with the ‘swindlers’
It is the businessmen who want the price increase to be filled with the ‘swindlers’

There is no relief in the market of the capital. Prices of daily commodities have been fluctuating in the past few weeks. Egg prices are finally rising again. 40, 42, 45, 48 – In this way, eggs are being sold for Tk 50 each in various markets of the capital. And the dozen increased from 120, 135, 145 taka to 150 taka in 10 days. As the price increase of daily commodities has raised the appetite of the helpless buyers, the petty traders are demanding that the ‘cheating’ traders who increase the prices should be jailed.

On Friday, it was seen that there is no relief in daily commodities including rice, chicken, eggs, vegetables in various markets of the capital including Karwan Bazar, Tejgaon Station Bazar, Farmgate, Hatirpool, Rampura Bazar, Kala Bagan, Shukrabad, Elephant Road, Lalbagh. Within 10 days, the price of broiler chicken has increased from Tk 160 to Tk 25 and is being sold at Tk 185 per kg. Pakistani chicken is being sold at Tk 320 to Tk 325 per kg, layer chicken at Tk 280 to Tk 285 per kg.

It has been seen in the vegetable market that green leafy vegetables are priced at Tk 70 to Tk 80 per kg, brinjal Tk 80 to Tk 90 per kg, potato Tk 40 per kg, potal Tk 60 per kg, cucumber Tk 65 to Tk 70, bitter gourd Tk 75 to Tk 80, beans Tk 150 to Tk 160, chichinga Tk 60 to 70 taka, papaya 25 to 30 taka, kachur mukhi 60 to 70 taka, barbati 70 to 80 taka, rinds 60 to 65 taka are being sold. Traders said that the price of vegetables has increased by Tk 10 to Tk 20.

It has been seen in the fish market that Tangra fish is Tk 680 to Tk 700 per kg, Horn fish Tk 520 to Tk 620 per kg depending on the size, Boal Tk 490 to Tk 620 per kg, Pangas Tk 190 to Tk 215, Katal fish Tk 380 to Tk 390, Kai fish Tk 250 to Tk 250 per kg. Tk 280, roe fish Tk 320 to Tk 360, shoal fish Tk 420 to Tk 610, tilapia Tk 210 to Tk 220.

It has been seen in the rice market that Miniket is selling at Tk 72 per kg, Nazirshail at Tk 80-82, Bri-atash at Tk 60, Aman at Tk 62, Kataribhog Atap at Tk 82 per kg.

Besides, ginger imported from China has increased by Tk 15-20 to Tk 145-160, garlic has increased from Tk 120 to Tk 10-15 and is being sold at Tk 130-140.

Chicken buyer Aman Ullah told Dhaka Times, ‘The price of chicken has also increased a lot. A few months ago I bought broiler chicken at 130 to 140 taka per kg. But since August, the price of chicken has decreased once and then increased again. In this way, one kg has to be bought for Tk 180.

Chicken buyer Mahfuz Mia told Dhaka Times, ‘There are crores of middle class in this Bangladesh. I am disappointed with the state of the market. The chicken looks like it won’t be eaten anymore. As the price is increasing, buying has become a liability. And prices of all kinds of products besides chicken have gone up. How shall we proceed?’

Buyer Mahfuz Mia told Dhaka Times, ‘The government should keep a close eye on every market. Due to the lack of control of the authorities, the prices of all products are unbridled in the market. The businessmen who are involved in the syndicate should be brought under punishment.’

Shimul Miah, a shopper in Hatirpool area, told Dhaka Times, ‘The sad thing is that there is no relief in any product. I don’t want to go to the market for rice, eggs, fish, chicken and vegetables. Still have to go. Hunger must be curbed. What to do for this stomach. When the price of a product decreases, it is seen that this product increases step by step. We are fed up with normal consumer market prices.’

Raju Ahmed, a retail trader in Shukrabad area of ​​the capital, told Dhaka Times, ‘The price of eggs has increased step by step. 10 days ago I bought each egg wholesale for 9 taka 50 paisa. 200 eggs had to be bought for 1900 rupees. I had to buy each egg at 10 taka 70 paise from last Wednesday. I bought 200 eggs for 2100 taka. Car rental is included in this.’

He also said, ‘Customers quarrel with us. And we quarrel with wholesale traders. How long will this problem be my question! All our traders have requested the consumer rights officers to catch these fraudsters and send them to jail.

Alauddin told Dhaka Times, the egg seller of Tejgaon station market in the capital, ‘What will we do! The price of chicken feed has gone up, so has the price of chicken. For this, the price of chicken eggs has increased step by step. We also want to sell less. But due to the increase in the price of food, these incidents are happening with eggs.’

Saurabh Hossain, a chicken seller in the Farmgate area, told Dhaka Times, ‘The price of broiler chicken food is increasing. As the price of chicken feed has increased, the price of chicken and chicken eggs has also increased. I bought a 25 kg bag of chicken feed from 580 to 660 taka in the month of May-June. Now increasing to more than 1100 rupees. About 500 rupees increased.

Sohan Ahmad, a fish seller at Karwan Bazaar, told Dhaka Times, ‘The price of fish does not seem to decrease. The price of daily food should come down first. Truck fares should be reduced. Then it will be seen how much can be reduced and sold.’

(Dhaka Times/September 23/PR/FA)

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