Morning Maidan Khas Khabar (23/9/2022)

Shanti Roy Chowdhury is giving all these fresh news of the sports world.

Australia’s target today is to win the series, India on a survival mission

The host Indian cricket team will face the visiting Australia in the second match today in the fight for survival in the three-match T20I series. On the other hand, Ajira wants to secure the series win by winning the second match in a row. Despite scoring more than 200 runs in the first T20I, the hosts lost the match to Australia. As a result, Team India has no other option but to win the second T20 to survive the series.

Federer is one of the greatest athletes of all time in Novak’s eyes

Novak also names Roger Federer as one of the greatest athletes of all time. Saying, ‘Roger’s impact on sports is unparalleled. The way he plays, it seems like tennis is very easy. Perfect not only for players or tennis fans, but also for any coach. Roger’s legacy is lasting.’

Women’s IPL early next year, Sourav’s letter to state bodies

Women’s IPL will be held early next year. Board president Gangopadhyay has sent a letter to each state organization. Sourav wrote in the email, “The BCCI has now started a tussle with the much awaited women’s IPL. We hope to launch the first edition early next year.”

Ranakshetra gymkhana for ticket, police forced to charge lathi

Before the T20 World Cup, India is playing a 3-match T20I series against Australia at home. The first match of the T20 series has been played in Mohali. Venu Hyderabad in the third match of this series. Cricket lovers lined up outside the gymnasium ground to collect tickets for that match. And as chaos broke out among those ticket collectors, the police were finally forced to charge with batons.

Gold in javelin, Anupriya of Dinajpur brightened the face of Bengal

At the national level athletics championship, Anupriya Roy lit up the face of Bengal by winning gold in javelin throw. Anupriya bagged gold in javelin at the recent national level athletics championship held in Patna, Bihar. Anupriya has been basking in the wave of felicitation ever since she returned home to South Dinajpur after winning the gold at the national level athletics championship.

Bhubaneswar’s wife washed away the critics

Bhubaneswar Kumar saw both sides of the coin within a few days. Bhubi, who has been praised for his inswing magic against Afghanistan in the Asia Cup, has become the netizen’s favorite for weeks. His wife Nupur Nagar’s patience broke due to excessive spreading of bitterness. Bhubi’s wife wrote, ‘My advice to the netizens – no one is influenced by your words, no one is counting your presence’. So please use the time to build yourself up. Although the chance is very small!’

Changes are going to happen in IPL

Big changes are going to happen in next season’s IPL. In the last two seasons, it was not possible to play the ‘home and away’ format in the IPL due to Corona. But from the upcoming season, the franchises will again play the matches in the ‘home and away’ format like in the past. Board president Sourav Gangopadhyay has already informed the state cricket bodies about this decision.

Pakistan’s World Cup jersey compared to a watermelon

The T20 World Cup will be held in Australia next month. It was revealed a few days ago which jersey Pakistan team players will wear in that World Cup. Babar Azam’s new jersey is named ‘Thunder Jersey’. The color and design of the jersey has started a heated discussion. Former spinner Danish Kaneria said about Pakistan’s jersey, “I don’t understand the logic of this Pakistan jersey. It looks just like a watermelon. There is a game called ‘Fruit Ninja’ on mobile. There are fruits to be harvested. It seems that they mixed melons and melons together to make jersey. It needed to be light green or dark green. Jersey looks like standing in front of a fruit shop.

Pepe is out of the team due to an unknown injury

Veteran central defender Pepe is out of action for Portugal in the upcoming Nations League due to an undisclosed injury. This has been reported by the Portuguese Football Federation. The Portuguese Football Federation said doctors monitored Pepe in training this week to assess the extent of the injury. However, the extent or nature of the injuries has not been clarified by the federation.

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