Today is International Sign Language Day

Today is International Sign Language Day
Today is International Sign Language Day

International Sign Language Day is today (September 23). The day is being celebrated in Bangladesh like other countries of the world.

This day is celebrated on 23 September every year. Along with this, the celebration of Ishara Week was also started. The first celebration of the day started in 2018.

There are more than seven million deaf people in the world, more than 80 percent of whom live in developing countries. So in this case sign language is very important. Out of this 80 percent people, only 2 percent can use sign language, which is very unfortunate.

In December 2017, the United Nations General Assembly emphasized the importance of International Sign Language Day or Sign Language Day to strengthen the rights of deaf people. Since 2018, this special day is celebrated around the world on September 23.

Although sign language is a language that has been used by people long before spoken language, i.e. since the primitive age. But the society has made the people who use that language illiterate.


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