Two ministers face each other over eggs

Two ministers face each other over eggs
Two ministers face each other over eggs

As the prices of meat and fish are beyond the purchasing power of the common people, eggs are the only source of non-vegetarian demand of the lower and middle classes. The price of eggs has also increased. In this situation, many people have raised the question that due to the increase in the price of the dollar, the price of imported goods has increased, but eggs are produced in the country. Why will the price be higher? After searching, it is found that there is a syndicate with eggs. They are the ones who have increased the price.
The two ministers have practically taken a stand against this egg to meet the non-meat needs of the poor. Commerce Minister Tipu Munshi says that eggs will be imported considering the demand. But the agriculture minister said the opposite. He said, eggs cannot be imported in any way. The question is what is the nature of government decisions? There is no coordination between the ministers? Minister of Agriculture yesterday. Abdur Razzak said eggs will not be imported from abroad. When asked by reporters about the new increase in the price of eggs, the agriculture minister said that the price depends on the demand. But as an agriculturist, I can say that no matter how much the price increases, they will not be able to sell the eggs after two or three months. We have no problem with that. Eggs should not be imported under any circumstances. Even if we try hard, we will not import eggs.
In response to the question, on what basis are you saying that you will not be able to sell eggs after two to three months, the agriculture minister said that when the prices are increasing, everyone is raising babies. A few days ago, eggs could not be sold, and broiler chickens for Tk 90-100. It has been going on for three years. Poultry farm owners are not willing to give up and lose.
On the other hand, on August 17, Commerce Minister Tipu Munshi said that a decision will be taken to import eggs if necessary for the sake of reducing prices. But it will take some time. Let’s see. If it is the case that importing eggs will lower the price later, then we will decide to import. We will discuss how to reduce the price of eggs with a few ministries including agriculture, fisheries. But everything cannot be done overnight.

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