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8th grade student killed after rape in Noakhali, arrest 1

8th grade student killed after rape in Noakhali, arrest 1
8th grade student killed after rape in Noakhali, arrest 1

District Correspondent

Noakhali: The police have arrested a suspect in the case of killing Tasmia Hossain Aditi (14), a student of class VIII in Sadar Upazila of the district. Before the murder, she was raped and looted from her house, police said.

The arrested person’s name is Md. Saeed (20). The investigation is ongoing. Noakhali Superintendent of Police (SP) Md Shahidul Islam confirmed this information. Before this, yesterday Thursday (September 22) between 2 pm and 7 pm, the incident took place at the student’s home in Noakhali Municipality’s Ward No. 3 Lakshinarayanpur area.

The deceased, Tasmia Hossain Aditi, was an eighth grade student of Noakhali Government Girls High School. She is the daughter of deceased Riaz Hossain of Laxminarayanpur Mohalla, Ward No. 3 of Noakhali Municipality. His mother is a teacher in a local private school.

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In this regard, SP Shahidul Islam said, ‘The victims are two sisters. Aditi’s elder sister is disabled. And mother Razia is a teacher of Zainal Abedin Memorial Academy of Sultana Upazila. Razia went to school around 7 am on the day of the incident like every day. Later, he came home around 7 pm and found the door locked from outside. Even the neighboring tenants could not guess anything as the door was closed like everyday. After opening the door and finding Aditi’s room closed, mother Razia started looking for her. At one point, he saw through the window at the back of the house, his daughter was lying on the bed in a bloody and naked state.

He further said, ‘After breaking the door and entering the room, mother Razia saw the girl’s bloody frozen body lying on the bed. In the preliminary investigation, it is known that the son of neighbor Nayan said. Saeed often used to abuse his daughter. Many times also threatened.’

In response to another question, the SP said, ‘The overall situation seems to be that the killer alone or with a group, instead of sneaking into the house as per the pre-planned strategy, found the victim alone, entered the house after raping her, killed her and looted the goods.’

Shahidul Islam also said, ‘In this incident, police, DB, PBI and CID are working jointly. The main suspect M. Saeed has been detained by conducting an immediate operation. The legal matter is under process with further investigation in this regard.’


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