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A scene from Palakar’s play ‘Uzane Mritti’

Variety theater troupe ‘Palakar’ brings their acclaimed stage production ‘Ujane Mruthi’ to the stage in a new form. Today, September 23, the play will be staged at the studio theater hall of Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy at 7 pm. Palakar is calling their exhibition ‘New Edition’.

‘Uzane Mruthi’ is the latest drama written by Syed Waliullah.


The play revolves around three symbolic characters’ quest for the real truth of human life as they navigate the uncertain destination of non-existence.

A scene from Palakar’s staged play

According to Palakar, parts of Syed Waliullah’s other works are being used as special dialogues to increase the caliber of the play. This day marks the 51st performance of the production. The drama is written by Syed Waliullah and directed by young director Shamim Sagar.

In the past, ‘Palakar’ has played a very important role in studio theater based drama. Rabindranath’s ‘Post Office’, Salim Al Din’s ‘Basan’, Woody Allen’s ‘Death Knocks’, Brett Brecht’s ‘Rifle’, Franz J. Croetz’s ‘Request Concert’; The theatrical exploration of such diverse subjects has given Palakar a distinct identity.

Syed Waliullah’s play ‘Uzane Mrittu’ in the new version is no exception. “Palakar” said that in this production, using the previous experience, they have tried to get to know Syed Waliullah anew.

Aminur Rahman Mukul, Kazi Faisal, Charu Pintu, Shahnaz Parveen Ellis, Shatabdi Sanjana, Sonia Akhtar and Anushree will be seen on stage in ‘Ujane Mruthi’. For a long time, ‘Palakar’ has been keeping the stage alive in studio theater based dramas.

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