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Bangladesh is working to recognize the International Genocide Day on March 25

Bangladesh is working to recognize the International Genocide Day on March 25
Bangladesh is working to recognize the International Genocide Day on March 25

Foreign Minister Dr. AK Abdul Momen.

He said that the genocide committed by the Pakistani military in 1971 was one of the heinous crimes in human history. We will never find another example of such high number of killings and brutality.

He said these things in a video message at the international seminar titled ‘Remember and Recognize: The Case of Bangladesh Genocide of 1971’ held at the Human Rights Museum in Winnipeg, Canada on Wednesday (September 21).

Bangladesh High Commission in Canada and Canada’s Bangabandhu Center for Bangladesh Studies (BCBS), Bangladesh Liberation War Museum, Genocide Studies Centre, Dhaka University, Refugees Resilience Center and Rotary Club Canada jointly organized this day-long seminar.

Foreign Secretary Masud Bin Momen and Bangladesh High Commissioner to Canada Khalilur Rahman spoke virtually from New York as special guests at the seminar. BCBS main sponsor in Canada. Kawsar Ahmed gave the opening speech. Also some family members of genocide victims also spoke in the seminar.

Professor Dr. Nuzhat Chowdhury narrates his own life experience. He is his father. Alim described to Chowdhury the systematic abduction and brutal killing of associates of the Razakars by the Pakistani military. He explained the international politics behind the ambivalence regarding the recognition of the genocide in Bangladesh. At the same time, he called for an end to such selfish politics.

Sirajuddin Hossain’s son Towhid Reza Noor described the abduction and killing of his father. Shaheed Sirajuddin Hossain was a journalist. Tauheed Reza Noor elaborates on how Bengali intellectuals were victims of the massacre by the Pakistani military.


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