Big shock for ordinary people! The price of rice will increase; The government said the reason. The government has said that the domestic price of rice will keep increasing

G is a 24 hour digital bureau: It is known that the price of rice may increase in the next few days. The upward trend in prices is likely to continue for some time due to low yield forecast in Kharif season and 11 percent increase in non-basmati rice exports. The Ministry of Food has informed this information. The information provided by the ministry explained in detail the rationale behind the recent revision in India’s rice export policy. The ministry also said recent changes in India’s rice export rules have ‘helped keep domestic prices under control’ without reducing supplies for exports.

In early September, the government banned the export of broken rice and imposed a 20 percent export duty on non-basmati rice. “Domestic rice prices are showing an upward trend and prices are likely to increase due to reduced production of around six million tonnes and forecast 11 per cent increase in non-basmati rice exports,” the food ministry said in a data sheet.

The retail price of rice increased by 0.24 percent for the week, 2.46 percent for the month and 8.67 percent for the year till September 19. An average growth of 15.14 percent has been reported in five years.

The price of domestic broken rice, which was Rs 16 per kg in the open market, was also reported to have increased by around Rs 22 in the states.

The ministry said poultry and animal husbandry have been the most affected by the increase in the price of feed ingredients. This is because about 60-65 percent of the input cost for poultry feed comes from broken rice.

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A ban on exports from India could lead to food shortages in China. This decision of the government was expected to reduce the prices. But now the information provided by the government has revealed the possibility of price increase.

According to the ministry, the international price of Indian non-basmati rice is around 28-29 per kg. Which is higher than the price of the country. A 20 percent export duty on non-basmati rice will reduce rice prices.

India is the largest rice producer after China. India’s rice accounts for 40 percent of the world market. India exported 21.2 million tonnes of rice in the financial year 2021-22. It contained 34.9 lakh tonnes of basmati rice. The area under paddy production in India has decreased significantly during the current kharif season. The government has taken this decision to increase the supply in the domestic market.

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