East Bengal and Mohammedan are coming to Calcutta League on September 25, the schedule remains

East Bengal and Mohammedan are coming to Calcutta League on September 25, the schedule remains
East Bengal and Mohammedan are coming to Calcutta League on September 25, the schedule remains

Kolkata, September 22: IFA got the private university as the sponsor of Kolkata league for the current season. The state football governing body has arranged a plan to hold the league’s Super Six ball before Puja. The schedule is also prepared On Wednesday night it was published by the six clubs as proposed (IFA publishes CFL fixtures).

According to this schedule:

  • 25 September, Sunday- East Bengal vs Khidirpur Club match at Naihati Stadium. Mohammedan Sporting vs Erian on the same day Venue – Kalyani Stadium
  • September 26, Monday- It is Mohun Bagan against Bhavanipur Club. Venue – Kalyani Stadium
  • September 28, Wednesday- East Bengal’s second match against Ariane Venue – Naihati Stadium. On the same day, Mohammedan Sporting’s second match is against the club at Bhavanipur Venue – Kalyani Stadium.
  • September 29, Thursday- It is Mohun Bagan vs Khidirpur Club Venue – Kalyani Stadium.

The Super League starts on September 25 before Dhak Bazar, the six teams are playing two matches each. In that case, instead of the Kolkata Maidan, the game was played at the district stadium. ‘Confirmed’ is written next to the match schedule for the first phase of the Super Six. The second phase of the Super Six will begin on October 16 (Calcutta Football League News).

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In the second phase schedule released in proposal form, East Bengal and Mohammedan Sporting will play at the Yuva Bharati Stadium on October 16. The second phase schedule has given it a Mohun Bagan game at the Mohun Bagan ground on 20 October. Their opponent on that day is Arian. On October 23, East Bengal will play the fourth match at their home ground against Bhavanipur Club. ATK Mohun Bagan vs Mohammedan Sporting match at Yuva Bharati Sports Stadium on 26th October.

Three days after this match, the first derby in ISL. In this context, it remains to be seen whether Mohun Bagan will play two big matches within 96 hours. Mohammedan Sporting’s last match is on November 2. The opponent is Khidirpur in their own field. However, the date of the East Bengal vs Mohun Bagan match has not been announced.

IFA Secretary Anirban Dutt said, “The schedule has been made keeping in mind the ISL. The schedule has been sent to the clubs. If they agree, then it will start. Otherwise the Super Six will be delayed a lot.” Meanwhile, the police have already visited the three enclosed grounds of Kolkata Maidan. He asked to do some infrastructure reforms. In particular, the ticket office needs to be renovated. The works department has assured to speed up the work.

As a result, IFA is confident of getting the Kolkata Maidan ready before the Puja. After last year, the private university is the sponsor of Calcutta Football League. They want to be associated with the State Football Governing Body for a long term in the future. IFA welcomed their wish.

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