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Security risks are increasing in illegal shops

Security risks are increasing in illegal shops
Security risks are increasing in illegal shops

The number of illegal shops of hawkers is increasing day by day in the airport railway station area of ​​the capital. Allegedly, these shops are being built with the help of some members of GRP and RNB police who are in charge of station security. In the station area, there are hundreds of shops built around the railway line and level crossing. These shops run on the salary of the security personnel of the station. If not, the eviction campaign begins. Due to these shops, security risk has been created for the train passengers in the station area.

Allegedly, 20 to 25 thousand taka is charged from each hawker for temporary shop position in the railway station area. Apart from this, there is violence in the station area by criminals including beggars, homeless children, pickpockets, drug addicts, robbers. However, the security personnel of the station denied taking money from the hawkers. They said that regular raids were conducted against various criminal gangs including hawkers in the station area.

Ashkona is the busiest area of ​​the capital. Besides Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport, Haj Camp, Bangmata Fazilatun Nessa School and College, there are half a hundred residential hotels and public and private institutions. Thousands of people have to use the Ashkona level crossing adjacent to the airport railway station to come and go to these institutions. A large number of passengers also use this crossing when the intercity train stops at the airport station. But these illegal tong shops around the stations and level crossings are always jamming. Even if the train comes, most of the time it is not seen due to the large umbrellas placed on the shops. In addition, in most cases, the hawkers put up barriers for crossing. There is also a risk of major accidents.

Locals have expressed their anger over the mismanagement of important railway stations like the airport. They think that this condition of railway station and level crossing is sending a terrible message. Only when a major accident happens, the authorities will be shaken.

On the surface, it can be seen that mobile hawkers are also selling products around railway lines and level crossings. Along with that, there is a familiar tangle in hundreds of tong shops. During the conversation, some hawkers including Abedur, Rowan said that they are doing business by paying daily, weekly and monthly wages to the dishonest officers and employees who are in charge of security of the station. If the payment is delayed for one day, the eviction operation starts.

In this regard, SI Kamrul Islam of the airport GRP police outpost told Samakal that GRP and RNB police are in charge of the security of the station. Everyone wears clothes while performing duties. He said whether any uniformed police or security personnel are selling shop positions to hawkers in the airport station area for money, it will be investigated. No policeman of GRP is involved in these irregularities. He said, they often conduct raids against hawkers. After a few days after the raid, they came and sat down again.

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