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Congress Congress President Election 2022: central election authority of AICC issues notification for polls dgtl

The notification for the election of Congress President has been published. Acting leader of the party’s central organizational election committee Madhusudan Mistry released the polling results on Thursday.

According to the published minutes, Congress will vote on October 17 to choose Sonia Gandhi’s successor. Counting of votes on October 19. Nominations can be submitted between 24 and 30 September. The nomination test will be held on October 1. The last day for withdrawal of nomination is October 8. Candidates who wish to contest should collect nomination papers from AICC headquarters at 24 Akbar Road, New Delhi. But every state will have voting system.

According to Article 18 of the Organizational Rules of Congress, an election shall not be necessary if there is a unanimous nomination for President, or if there is not more than one candidate. However, the current course of events suggests that there may finally be a contest for the Congress top post after 22 years. Ashok Gehlaut, a loyalist of the Gandhi family, versus Shashi Tharoor of the ‘G-23’ group could be seen in the third week of October.

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Shashi Tarur rival Ashok Gehlaut? Two generations may fight in the election of Congress president

A three-time chief minister of Rajasthan, 71-year-old Ashok is one of the senior Congress leaders. He has been in Congress politics since his student days. He is known within the party as a ‘loyal and confidant of the Gandhi family’. On the other hand, his potential rival Taru was a minister at the Center during the UPA era. Taroor was among the list of 23 senior and junior leaders who had written to Interim President Sonia Gandhi in August 2020 highlighting the ‘lack of good leadership and organizational problems’ within the Congress. Apart from electing a permanent party president, Ghulam Nabi Azad, Kapil Sibal, Jitin Prasad among the ‘rebel 23’ (known as G-23) who questioned the workings of the ‘high command’ have already left the party.

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‘Why not me?’ This time, Digvijay Singh gave the message to fight for the post of Congress president

On Wednesday, former Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Digvijay Singh also hinted at contesting the presidential election. Incidentally, earlier in 2000, polling was held for the post of Congress President. Sonia won that election by defeating the former All India Congress vice-president late Jitendra Prasad.

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