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Girl’s hanging body recovered from orphanage room – Misc

Girl’s hanging body recovered from orphanage room – Misc
Girl’s hanging body recovered from orphanage room – Misc

The police recovered the hanging body of a ninth grade girl from a Buddhist orphanage in Raujan, Chittagong. The body was recovered from the Buddhist Orphanage of Howarapara Agrasar in East Gujra Union of the upazila at around 6:30 pm on Wednesday.

The student’s name is Enushai Marma (15). She is the daughter of Holachuisingh Marma of West Taitangpara in Rajasthanli Upazila of Rangamati. Enuchai Marma was a resident student of that orphanage.

Enuchai Marma went to school as usual last Tuesday, according to family members and her schoolmates. In the evening, after praying in a room on the second floor of the orphanage building, he also sat reading in the residential room with his classmates. School was closed yesterday Wednesday. Enuchai Marma’s body was found hanging from a room on the fourth floor yesterday afternoon.

The police said that the neck of the body was tied with the ribbon of the school uniform. The body was hanging from a hook on the ceiling. Later the police came and removed the body from there. Whether it is murder or suicide, the police cannot have a clear idea about it.

Enuchai Marma’s elder sister Lachingsai Marma studied in the 11th grade of the same orphanage. He said that on Tuesday afternoon he suddenly got the news that his sister’s body was found. He wept because he knew nothing before.

Agrasar Orphanage Director Soumitananda Thero said her classmates told him that the girl went to the hall room after prayers on Tuesday evening. After that, the girl could not be found.

Anwar Hossain Shamim, Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) of Raujan and Rangunia Police Circle, visited the scene and said that the body has been prepared and sent to Chittagong Medical College Hospital morgue for autopsy. The cause of death can be confirmed after receiving the autopsy report. Legal action will be taken after receiving the investigation report. However, it is believed that Enuchai Marma died a day ago. Because some parts of the body have rotted.

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