Eggs will not be imported: Agriculture Minister

Eggs will not be imported: Agriculture Minister
Eggs will not be imported: Agriculture Minister

The Minister of Agriculture said that eggs will not be imported. Abdur Razzaq. He said, we will not import eggs even if we suffer a little.

The Agriculture Minister told reporters in his office at the Secretariat on Thursday (September 22).

When asked by reporters about the new increase in the price of eggs, the agriculture minister said that the price depends on the demand. But as an agriculturist, I can say that no matter how much the price increases, they will not be able to sell the eggs after two or three months. We have no problem with that.

Earlier, in view of the increase in the price of eggs, the commerce minister said that if necessary, eggs will be imported. After that, the price of eggs decreased. It is clear that there is something behind the increase in the price of eggs.

In response to another question from the journalists, the minister said that eggs should not be imported under any circumstances. Even if we try hard, we will not import eggs.

In response to the question, on what basis are you saying that you will not be able to sell eggs after two to three months, the agriculture minister said that when the prices are increasing, everyone is raising babies. A few days ago, eggs could not be sold, and broiler chickens for Tk 90-100. It has been going on for three years. Poultry farm owners are not willing to give up and lose.

Earlier, the commerce minister had said about fixing the prices of some daily commodities. Later he said it is not possible due to the non-cooperation of the Ministry of Agriculture. Journalists drew the attention of the Minister of Agriculture in this regard.

In terms of Dr. Abdur Razzak said, there was no discussion with us about this matter with the Ministry of Commerce. There is no non-cooperation. But I repeat it is difficult to implement by fixing the prices of daily commodities. This is a big challenge in a free market economy. Especially depending on the demand and supply of raw materials.


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