Oracle Speaks: Oracle Speaks September 23; Today this sign will bring big surprises in the life of these 4 signs

Oracle Speaks: Oracle Speaks September 23; Today this sign will bring big surprises in the life of these 4 signs
Oracle Speaks: Oracle Speaks September 23; Today this sign will bring big surprises in the life of these 4 signs

Kolkata : Pooja Chandra, an expert at Sitara – The Wellness Studio, deserves a special mention when it comes to Alternative and Logistic Healing. A journey of spiritual experiences from very early childhood has enhanced his sensitivity, he can tell at a glance who is in trouble and why. Passionate blogger Pooja takes up the pen for us, sharing her perspective on making life better. Let’s find out what he is saying about the fate of the zodiac sign according to his birthday today!

Aries: March 21 to April 19.Due to some unexpected problems, the day’s work has to start early today. Your new and interesting vision will inspire you today. Lucky Sign – A Lilac Artwork

Taurus: April 20 to May 20.Discussions on your serious matters will be more delayed today. Don’t create more confusion while talking to someone. Lucky Sign – A wooden box

Gemini: May 21 to June 20.Both of you will disagree about you today. The workload will seem more stable than before. Lucky Sign – A mirrorwork

Cancer: June 21 to July 22.Outside work will be less today. So today you can relax as you like. Lucky sign – a bird

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Leo: July 23 to August 22.Excessive work pressure can distract you in many ways. But any good news in the middle of the day will cheer up your mind and help reduce stress. Lucky Sign – An Old Diary

Virgo: August 23 to September 22.Prioritize your key tasks today. You don’t have to believe everything you hear today. Lucky Sign – An indoor game

Libra: September 23 to October 22.Today you can focus on cleaning the house. Also, do not forget to take care of your health. Lucky sign- a glass bottle

Scorpio: October 23 to November 21.Don’t even think about taking a break now. Try to stay where you are. Lucky Sign – A stationery box

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Sagittarius: November 22 to December 21.Today you are more likely to find something old lost. There may be plans to travel somewhere nearby. Lucky Sign – A bicycle bell

Capricorn: December 22 to January 19.Even a little effort in the right direction can go a long way. Those who have been ill for some time will feel healthy today. Lucky Sign – A New Cutlery

Aquarius: January 20 to February 18.It will be possible to solve many problems stuck today. You can complete daily tasks around you. Lucky Sign – An umbrella

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Pisces: February 19 to March 20.A colleague’s tendency to help today may surprise you. Try to stay close to nature today. Lucky Sign – A hanging planter

Some information about Puja Chandra:

Pooja Chandra is a Holistic Healing Practitioner by profession. Apart from this Pooja has researched Reiki Grandmaster and other healing certified modes. In addition to Tarot card reading, Pooja Chandra is well-versed in healing and alternative therapies such as Theta, Buddhist, Chakra and Pet healing therapies.

In the past thirty years of experience and practice of healing therapy, Pooja Ek has discovered a remarkable technique or method.

He was able to develop his psychic abilities to a remarkable level by engaging in multiple spiritual pursuits since childhood. Over a long life of ministry, Pooja has evolved from a compassionate teenager to an accomplished healing therapist.

Pooja mainly works with people who suffer from various mental or physical anxiety related problems. With her long career experience, Pooja can easily understand their psychological systems and problem areas.

As an experienced healing therapist, Pooja offers effective healing sessions to people anywhere in the world, both in person and at a distance. Those interested in contacting Pooja can find all the information related to therapy on her website Along with the description of the therapy on the website, people who have recovered with the help of healing therapy also describe their experiences.

But not just a healing therapist, Pooja Chandra is also an accomplished writer, poet and a blogger. He likes to share his long career experience mainly through his articles and published blogs which teach us something new about life.

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First published: September 23, 2022, 06:11 IST

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