“Does transport minister get arrested for road accident?” He asked the court to get bail

Banglahunt Desk: Former Education Minister Partha Chatterjee was produced by the CBI in the Alipore Special Court today in the School Service Commission corruption case. CBI requests jail custody of Partha Chatterjee, Kalyanmoy Gangopadhyay in recruitment corruption case. CBI lawyers said they were influential people. If they are released, they can influence the witnesses.

On the other hand, Partha Chatterjee’s lawyer Salim Rahman countered that “my client is not aware of this corruption case.” From this it is clear that Perth is trying to shake off the responsibility in the School Service Commission corruption case. Partha Chatterjee was seen desperate to get his bail during the court proceedings.

Quoting his lawyer, he told the judge that “if someone dies in a road accident, is the transport minister arrested? Likewise, I am not associated with this corruption.” Apart from this, Partha Chatterjee’s lawyer applied to the court for bail citing the “excuse” of Partha’s age. He asked, his client Partha Chatterjee is 70 years old. He has several complex physical problems. At least he should be kept alive to judge fairly!

Following such comments by Partha Chatterjee, CBI lawyers Shanti Prasad Sinha and Ashok Saha complained to the court that efforts were being made to destroy evidence in the case. As the case involves very influential people, the water will go a long way. Besides, the lawyers of CBI also applied to the court to add 267 of the Indian Penal Code in this case.

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