Death comes like this! Four wheels came from behind! Tragic accident in Hooghly!

Hooghly : Tragic accident on Konnagar GT Road. A four-wheeler came from behind and crushed a pedestrian. The incident took place on Monday around 11 pm. Local residents intercepted the car. Konnagar outpost police reached the spot immediately. The driver was arrested and taken away. The injured person was brought to Srirampur Walls Hospital in a hit-and-run vehicle. The man died at midnight. The name of the deceased is Sukomal Bose.

According to local sources, the deceased Sukomal Bose is a resident of Chhota Kalitala in Konnagar. 65-year-old Sukomal was a bus conductor. He was returning home from his work last night. Then the accident happened in front of HDFC Bank adjacent to GT Road. A speeding car hit him from behind.

An eyewitness working at a local biryani shop said Sukomal Bose was riding a bicycle. Behind him, a red colored Altro car came at a high speed and hit him. After the impact, the car was crushed under the wheels of the car for 10-15 meters. The driver even hit several motorbikes parked on the side of the road. Just then local people gathered and caught the car. Police arrived at the scene.

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According to police sources, the driver of the car was driving under the influence of alcohol. As soon as the car hit, there was an uproar among the locals. As the incident took place right next to the Konnagar police outpost, the police reached the spot in no time. The accused has been detained. The person injured in the accident was taken to Srirampur Walls Hospital in the vehicle of the accused. The police tried to save the man very quickly but Sukomal Bose died shortly after being taken to the hospital. Soma Bose, a member of the deceased’s family, said that they filed a complaint at the Uttarpara police station on Tuesday morning. They demand that the guilty should be punished.

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First published: September 21, 2022, 17:56 IST

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