Girls were the target of 400 serial killers

When you hear the name of serial killer, the first thing that comes to mind is Jack the Ripper. But there have been many more serial killers out of touch over the decades. Those who wandered around like ordinary people during the day and hunted in the dark streets at night.

Most serial killers were cold-blooded killers. Some were mentally deranged, some were addicted to murder. Jack the Ripper selectively killed prostitutes in London. Charles Sovraj of Nepal, the famous bikini killer, used to kill scantily clad women.

Likewise, the name of Pedro Alonso Lopez is still feared by the people of Colombia. Lopez’s name shines in the police ledger as one of the worst serial killers in history. Lopez killed more than 400. His victims were only minors.

In the beginning, the tribals used to forget minor children and bring them into their custody. Then rape and murder. Between 1969 and 1980, at least 200 minors were abducted by him. Lopez brutally killed everyone. In Peru alone he killed about 100 girls aged 9-12. He killed 410 people across Colombia, Peru, Ecuador.

At that time, Lopez literally blew the police’s sleep at night. Lopez was completely out of touch. The Colombian police could do nothing. Along with that, this serial killer made detectives sweat. Police dubbed him the ‘Monster of the Andes’. However, Lopez was finally caught by the police.

He himself admits the context of these murders. In 1992, journalist Ron Leitner interviewed Lopez while he was in prison in Ecuador. The interview was published in several international newspapers. Since then, the success of this Colombian serial killer has stirred the whole world.

Like most criminals, Lopez had a rough childhood. Lopez was born on October 8, 1948 in Colombia. Her mother was a sex worker by profession. So Lopez lived with this forbidden world since childhood. That world was normal to him. He had no idea about the outside world.

He has seen his mother in this profession since childhood. Lopez’s childhood was deeply scarred by his mother’s actions. Which also affects his mental health. Lopez dreamed of becoming a teacher as a child. But the perverted mentality is overshadowed in the mind of little Lopez.

He was caught by his mother while doing immoral things with his younger sister. Lopez was only 8 years old then. Maybe he didn’t understand what he did. However, Lopez’s mother kicked him out of the house for this.

Lopez fled to the capital city of Bogotá. He came here and met a person. Who took her and raped her. Kishore Lopez fell into the hands of an American immigrant family at the age of 12. They admitted him to an orphanage. He escaped from there after two years. Some say, at that age, Lopez was molested by a male teacher at the ashram. Someone else said that he ran away from the ashram with the teacher.

He has been involved in all corners of the criminal world. Once he was gang-raped in prison while in jail for stealing a car. He was allegedly brutally tortured. But he killed the rapists in jail. He came out of prison and moved to Peru. It was there that he first caught and killed little girls. By 1978, he had killed more than 100 minors.

Lopez was captured for the first time by an indigenous community that year. They were going to kill him, but an American saint rescued him and handed him over to the local police. He was quickly released from there.

Lopez came back to Colombia from Peru. From there go to Ecuador. Lopez began killing three little girls every week. Don’t spare these young children when they can’t bear Lopez’s torture and die.

He also used to have perverted sex with dead girls. After that, he would cover the ground and go out to the next victim. Lopez was finally caught in March 1980. When the attempt to kidnap a minor girl failed, she was caught by the police. By that time he killed 200 minors. The number of murders exceeded 400.

Police found 74 buried bodies in the yard of his house. Who were aged between 8-12 years. Also, the police recovered the remains of many more children from different places. Lopez buried 6-7 people in each hole.

Lopez spent 18 years in prison from 1980 to 1998. However, the jail authorities declared Lopez mentally unstable. For this reason, he was sent to a mental hospital in Ecuador for treatment. After a few years, doctors noticed that Lopez’s behavior had returned to that of a normal person. So he was released on a $50 bond. He got

Lopez disappeared shortly after. As if he has vanished into thin air. He is nowhere to be seen. However, there were no incidents of murder or rape. 4 years have passed. In 2002, a new murder case surfaced in Lopez. However, the police could not reach Lopez.

In 2006, Guinness World Records named Lopez as the ‘most vicious serial killer’. However, there was much controversy over the alleged glorification of crime. Later, Lopez’s ‘record’ was revoked by Guinness World.

Source: Criminal Minds, Infobi


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