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North Bengal News Digital Desk: Two minor brothers and sisters went missing from Gaighata. Finally after 20 days they were rescued from Nepal border by Gaighata Police Station under Bangaon District Police. According to police sources, last September 1 evening Gaighata Two brothers and sisters went missing from Banik Para area of ​​Shimulpur Panchayat. The boy is 11 years old and the girl is 13 years old. On that day, the family members filed a missing diary at Gaighata police station. The Gaighata police station investigated and rescued them from Rakssura on the Nepal border in Bihar.

According to family sources, three siblings were at home that day. In the evening, he came to know from the younger son that two minor brothers and sisters had left the house with a girl. After searching in different places, they approached the police. It is not yet clear who the two siblings were with the girl, how they got so far apart. What they were doing in the intervening 20 days is not yet known. Police have started investigating the incident.

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