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Character of Kushtia Chhatra League leaders

Character of Kushtia Chhatra League leaders
Character of Kushtia Chhatra League leaders

Kushtia: A leader of the District Chhatra League held a press conference against the General Secretary of Kushtia District Chhatra League Sheikh Hafeez Challenge, complaining that she did not get any remedy despite complaining to the police station and repeatedly reporting to the police.

In a written speech at a press conference at a restaurant in Barabazar, Kushtia city on Wednesday (September 21) at 11 a.m., Chhatra League leader Noorin Rahman said, Kushtia District Chhatra League general secretary Sheikh Hafiz started Chhatra League politics by taking the challenge.

Since then he used to call me at his house for various reasons. One day he asked to agree to any of his conditions if he wanted to team up with him. I declined his offer, but a personal photo challenge of me wearing a t-shirt with a grandfather somehow got through. Later he blackmailed me by calling me to his house and showing me the picture and made an immoral proposal. If I do not agree to his proposal, he threatens to make the picture viral. But I got scared and called him a bad person and tried to keep myself alone. To take revenge for this insult, Chaval through his younger brothers circulated that picture and some of my edited pictures by opening a fake Facebook ID and captioning it in bad language. When seen on the street, the challenge associates are threatening me in various ways with nonsense words. As the level increased day by day, I filed a complaint at Kushtia Model Police Station on September 19 without any recourse. But even after three days, the police did not take any action. On the contrary Challenge and his associates are threatening me in various ways. Even since then different Facebook IDs have been opened and posting more nonsense in my name. I have repeatedly reported to the police but am not getting any remedy.

He further said in the press conference, “If I don’t get help, I will have no choice but to commit suicide.” I went to SP office on Tuesday, he was not in office. I have informed this matter to the top leaders of the district, but they are not taking any action. They are just assuring me that ‘we will take care of you’.

In this incident, he gave a statement at the Kushtia Model Police Station on September 20 mentioning the names of six leaders of the District Chhatra League.

Meanwhile, on Wednesday (September 21) at 11:30 a.m., District Chhatra League held a counter press conference at Kushtia District Awami League office.

Kushtia District Chhatra League President Atiqur Rahman Anik and General Secretary Sheikh Hafiz Challenge addressed the press conference.

Atiqur Rahman Anik said that all the complaints of the student are false, fabricated, baseless and conspiratorial.

General Secretary Sheikh Hafiz Challenge said that the alleged leader is trying to frame me. Chhatra League leaders are also trying to be framed. I strongly condemn and protest this incident.

He also said that the alleged leader is married, has immoral relations with many people and is associated with drugs. She has immoral relationships with various men. Those pictures have spread on social media. We don’t know who spread it. Before the committee of Kushtia district branch was made full, I received a lot of complaints from the local Awami League against that girl. There is also involvement in immoral activities, extorting money by marrying and suing. In view of which his name was not given in the proposed 151-member district committee.

Bangladesh Time: 1642 hours, September 21, 2022

The article is in Bengali

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