I am being framed: Chhatra League leader

I am being framed: Chhatra League leader
I am being framed: Chhatra League leader

Business Hour Reporter: A leader of the same committee has made a false complaint against the general secretary of Kushtia District Chhatra League. However, these allegations are false, fabricated, baseless and conspiratorial, and the leaders and activists of District Chhatra League, including District Chhatra League President Atiqur Rahman Anik and General Secretary Sheikh Hafiz Challenge, have claimed. They held a press conference strongly condemning and protesting the incident.

The press conference was held at Kushtia District Chhatra League office on the 4th floor of Bangabandhu Super Market on Wednesday (September 21) at 11 am.

In a written statement, District Chhatra League General Secretary Sheikh Hafiz Challenge said, “During the time of Corona, I, the leaders and workers of my party, have selflessly served as volunteers in the Corona Ward of the hospital for months. Not only that, I have helped the helpless and poor people. Chhatra League leaders and activists cut the rice from the farmer’s field and brought it home.

No one has filed any complaint against Kushtia District Chhatra League including any tender, haat-ghat, sand extraction, extortion. Chhatra League is not connected with all these crimes. When the Chhatra League could not be associated with any crime, the character of the clean and hardworking Chhatra League leaders is being tarnished. The police filed a false complaint. Which has nothing to do with reality. There are no complaints till date about the character of the student leaders. However, the unwarranted and bizarre accusations against the boys of the organization have created a sense of humor and the anti-spirituality of the liberation war is running this sinister plot.

He also said that the allegations against the leaders of Kushtia District Chhatra League are not correct. The alleged leader is trying to frame me. Chhatra League leaders are also trying to be framed. I strongly condemn and protest this incident. At the same time, Kushtia District Chhatra League wants to deal with all evil conspiracies.

He further said that the alleged leader is married, has immoral relations with many people and is involved in drugs. And she has immoral relationships with various men. Those pictures have spread on social media. We don’t know who spread it. There is no end to the allegations against that leader. His actions have become a source of shame for traditional organizations like the Bangladesh Chhatra League. The leaders and activists of Bangladesh Chhatra League Kushtia district branch rejected baseless, fabricated and fabricated allegations. While trying to trap the leaders, the leader got trapped.

He said that before the completion of the Kushtia district branch, while searching, I received a complaint from the local Awami League against the girl, that she was involved in immoral activities and extortion of money by marriage. Due to which his name was not given in the proposed 151 member district committee. After learning about his involvement in so many anti-organizational activities, I and the president asked him to join some other organization instead of BCL politics.

In the press conference, Kushtia District Chhatra League President said that we have received many complaints against that leader. Because of that, the reputation of our hard-earned Chhatra League is getting ruined. He has made conspiratorial, false and baseless allegations against the leaders of the Chhatra League. We will take organizational action against him. Attempts are being made to frame the clean and hardworking leaders of the Chhatra League.

And several leaders of Awami League and BCL have claimed that conspiratorial and false allegations have been made against BCL leaders. Organizational action will be taken against that girl.

In this regard, the young woman said that the general secretary of the Chhatra League harassed me for not agreeing to the bad proposal. Some Chhatra League leaders and activists have severely damaged the honor of me and my family by spreading my personal photos on social media. I want their trial and exemplary punishment.

In response to a question, he further said, “I don’t have any proof.” But I think Challenge and his people did this.

On Monday (September 19), the young woman lodged a written complaint at the Kushtia Model Police Station. In the complaint, the young woman mentioned that I used to do politics for a long time with the general secretary of Kushtia district branch, Sheikh Hafiz Challenge. At one stage, I moved away from him about a month ago because he tried to molest me in various ways. Since then he along with other defendants started following me along with talking nonsense when they met me on the street.

Several leaders of Awami League and Chhatra League said that the challenge is good people and popular Chhatra League leaders. I have never heard such a complaint against him before. Opponents are systematically fouling to frame the challenge. Moreover, the character of the girl who brought the complaint is not good, it is known to everyone in Kushtia.

Business Hour / September 21, 2022 / AHA

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