Accused of strangulating pregnant wife

Asaduzzaman Babul: A bigoted husband strangles his pregnant wife after not getting dowry money. After the incident, the husband and mother-in-law along with other people of the house are absconding.

OC (Investigation) of Kashiani police station Mohammad Feroz Alam confirmed this information and said that the incident took place in Battaidhoba village of Kashiani upazila of Gopalganj district.


Deceased Monika is the daughter of Khokon Sheikh of Pankharchar village of Lohagra upazila of Narail district.

The victim’s father Khokon Sheikh said, Haseeb and his family used to torture my daughter for money since marriage. I have called for arbitration on this issue several times. That didn’t work either. My daughter was strangled to death by Haseeb and his family. I demand the arrest and trial of those involved in my daughter’s murder.

The deceased’s father also said that Haseeb, son of Haider Munsi of Battaidhoba village of Sajail Union of Kashiani Upazila, married Monika on the basis of love relationship in 2018. A son was also born in their house. He is two and a half years old. After a few months of marriage, quarrels started between them. Haseeb often demanded money from Monika. With this, Haseeb used to physically and mentally torture Monika.

Several complaints have been made to the police station and village arbitration. Several times Monika took money from me and gave it to Haseeb. Three days before the incident, Haseeb started pressing Monika for money to go abroad. Haseeb beats Monika as she is unable to pay according to Haseeb’s demand.

Monica’s sister’s son. Shamim Hossain said, on the day of the incident, aunt Moni called my mother’s mobile phone at around 7:30 pm and said, ‘I have been killed. You come and save me.’ Then I went to Aunt Moni’s house around 9:30 pm along with some of my friends. I went there and saw aunt Moni’s body lying on the floor of the room. There are marks of injury on the neck. There is no one at home. After calling 999, the police went to Kashiani police station and recovered the body at around 10:30 pm.

Mohammad Feroz Alam, OC (Investigation) of Kashiani police station said, ‘On receiving the news, the police went to the spot and recovered the body and sent it to Gopalganj General Hospital morgue for post-mortem. There is a scar on the neck. After getting the post-mortem report, it will be known whether it was murder or suicide. However, the case was not filed until this report was written.’


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