“If there is a train accident, should the railway minister be arrested”, Parthar’s lawyer applied for bail

Kolkata : On Wednesday, Partha Chatterjee’s lawyer raised direct questions about the arrest and extension of the detention period in the court. He said, “If there is a train accident, then the railway minister is not arrested, if there is an accident on the road, then the transport minister is not arrested, then why is the rule different in this case?” The CBI complained, why the vacancy was appointed despite being a Group C panel. In response to this, Partha Chatterjee’s lawyer said, “He was not the minister in charge at that time, how would he know what happened at that time.”

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Partha Chatterjee’s lawyer claimed,, this arrest has no meaning After 5 days of CBI custody, why 9 days Besi is seeking CBI jail custody, means they have nothing more to ask. Partha did not cooperate, and if the CBI alleges that Partha Chatterjee is not opening up, why is custody being sought? May destroy evidence or he is influential, cannot be a reason not to leave it

After this, Parth Chatterjee’s lawyer applied for bail He said, “I am applying for bail today.” CBI is misleading, 467 is not IPC And I have nowhere to run I will not run away anywhere I should get bail.”

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First published: September 21, 2022, 13:30 IST

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Tags: train accident railway minister arrested Parthars lawyer applied bail

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