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Rizwan has been criticized for criticizing the strike rate

Rizwan has been criticized for criticizing the strike rate
Rizwan has been criticized for criticizing the strike rate

2 of the world’s top 3 batsmen in T20 rankings are now from Pakistan. Mohammad Rizwan tops all again. However, looking at the ranking table does not please the fans of Pakistan. After the loss in the last two matches of the Asia Cup, criticism started pouring in on Rizwan’s strike rate.

Not only Rizwan, the captain and another T20 opener Babar Azam also has to listen to the criticism. Many people think that both are the same type of batter. Both have to settle down at the crease, then increase the speed of the run wheel. It increases the pressure on the next batters.

Due to these reasons, Babar and Rizwan’s batting ‘intent’ is being criticized a lot. This time, the number one batsman of T20 ranking, Rizwan, took a hand of the critics with sweet words.

After playing an innings of 68 off 46 balls against England in the first T20, Rizwan said, ‘Look, I don’t know who is questioning us. The first thing is that. Even if someone does, may Allah have mercy on him. Because he is not only thinking about me or Babar, he is thinking about the whole Pakistan team.’

It is not only the supporters who are criticizing the Rizwans. Former cricketers and media are also on the list of critics. However, this wicketkeeper batsman said without caring, “I don’t know which ex-player or any media is saying this, but God bless them. But one thing I want to say – if any of us played in Pakistan team without honesty, he will be dishonoured. If someone raises questions about us unnecessarily then he will be disrespected, our motto is honesty.’

But there is no shortage of efforts to improve further, Rizwan confirmed. In his words, ‘They also want the good of Pakistan, we want that too. I make mistakes, then try to do better. The captain also tries to do better. Everyone has this effort.’

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