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International Day of Peace is today

International Day of Peace is today
International Day of Peace is today

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International Day of Peace is today. Every year on September 21, the day is celebrated across the world. The day is also called World Peace Day. This year’s theme of the day is ‘Bringing peace by eradicating caste differences’.

This day is very important for maintaining peace, friendly relations, harmony as well as good relations between different countries. As the problem of casteism and casteism has been on the rise for the past few years, such initiatives and themes have been taken this year to eliminate them.

One of the important objectives of the day declared with the aim of establishing global peace is to eliminate war and conflict from the world forever and for that purpose to deliver humanitarian aid to warring regions of the world through the implementation of ceasefire.

The day has been celebrated since 1982. But at that time the day was celebrated on the second Tuesday of September every year. Peace Day was celebrated in this way till 2002. However, since then, the United Nations General Assembly officially declared 21 September as the World Day of Peace.

The main purpose of observing this day is to maintain harmony and goodwill among all. Without peace in the world, survival is almost impossible. The day also reminds us of this need for peace in the world.

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