‘America will protect Taiwan from China’s attack’

‘America will protect Taiwan from China’s attack’
‘America will protect Taiwan from China’s attack’

US President Joe Biden once again warned China about Taiwan. But China is not sitting quietly either. They also countered that there will be no compromise with the sovereignty of the country.

The conflict between the world’s two most powerful countries, China and the United States, over Taiwan is not new. In an interview, Biden said, if China attacks Taiwan, America will help Taiwan. He also said that the US is not giving Taiwan any incentives. Taiwan presents its own opinion on the ‘one China policy’. We have no role in that. According to White House sources, there has been no change in America’s policy on Taiwan.

Taiwan welcomed this comment of Biden. It has been said on their part that our relationship with America will deepen. The ties that exist in the military field will be strengthened later.

China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs said, “We do not support Biden’s comments.” What he said is an anti-China policy. The White House should consider this.

Note that Taiwan, an island in the South China Sea separated from mainland China, claims to be an autonomous state. Meanwhile, China considers Taiwan to be part of China. Taiwan has repeatedly sought to declare itself an independent state. But China has repeatedly blocked that demand of Taiwan.

But historically, Taiwan is known to be a part of China. In the 1949 civil war, the Kuomintang faction led by Chiang Kai-shek was defeated by the Communist forces led by Mao Tse Tung and retreated to Taiwan.

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