Ashok Gehlot: Ashok Gehlot may file nomination for the post of congress president, intense speculation – ashok gehlot may file nomination for the post of congress president

Ashok Gehlot has hinted that he is ready to contest the Congress presidential election if Rahul does not finally agree. Gehlot is reported to have given this indication in the meeting of the Rajasthan Congress parliamentary party. As of now, no one from the Gandhi family will contest the elections. The Congress is about to get a non-Gandhi family member as its president again after a gap of almost three decades when the Chief Minister of Rajasthan contests the presidential election.

Congress president election on October 17. Nominations begin from Saturday. Shashi Tharoor has made it clear that he is in the running for the post of president. And this speculation increased even more after the meeting of Kerala Congress MPs with Sonia Gandhi on Monday, September 19. After declaring his desire to contest the post of Chief Minister of Rajasthan, it became clear that Tharoor vs Gehlot was going to be a fight.

Shashi Tharoor: Gandhi left the post of Congress President, Shashi vs Gehlot in this fight? Speculation is rife
Gehlot’s challenge for the post of president now depends on Rahul Gandhi. Congress MP from Waynad is adamant about not contesting for the post of president. But a Congress lobby wants to see Rahul as the next Congress president. Ashok Gehlot is going to Kerala to convince Rahul as a last resort. Before that, the Chief Minister of Rajasthan will meet Sonia Gandhi in Delhi. Gehlot told Congress MLAs in Rajasthan that he would fight if Rahul did not agree.

Congress President Election: Sanket Sonia gives green signal to Shashi Tharoor to contest election, new speculations about Congress President election
Meanwhile, ICC General Secretary KC Venugopal said that anyone can contest in the upcoming presidential election. This is the position of the party. He said that no matter who contests, the leadership will take a neutral position. In the end, if the election of Congress president is Gehlot vs. Tharoor, who will have the upper hand? The Chief Minister of Rajasthan is somewhat ahead in this regard. Even if he does not contest the election, the presidential race will remain in the hands of the Gandhi family. And Gehlot is known to be close to the Gandhi family. Moreover, Gehlot is a veteran leader. He has more or less contact with the leaders of various states. It is also reported in the Congress that it will go in his favor.

Rahul Gandhi: Congress President Rahul will not fight? Speculation is growing
Shashi Tharoor is trying no less to come closer to the Gandhi family. The Kerala MP will be somewhat ahead of Gehlot in terms of clean image, sparkling speech, and familiarity with national politics. According to Congress sources, if Rahul Gandhi does not change his mind, Gehlot may submit his nomination for the post of president on September 26. If Gehlot is eventually elected as the Congress president, he will have to step down as the Chief Minister of Rajasthan as per the Udaipur announcement. Rajasthan assembly polls next year. In that case, speculations have already started as to whose leadership the Congress will fight for.

Rajasthan Minister Pratap Singh Khachariawas said that the party will contest the assembly polls under the leadership of Gehlot. According to sources, Gehlot is keen to continue as the Chief Minister of Rajasthan along with the Congress President. There is already a tug-of-war between the Gehlot and Sachin Pilot camps over this. Seeking pilot camp, Gehlot steps down from chief minister’s seat before filing nomination for presidential election. A successor should also be announced. Meanwhile, Sachin Pilot is in Kerala to participate in India Joro Yatra with Rahul. It is reported that there may be a pilot talk with Rahul in this regard. In any case, it is virtually certain that after Sitaram Keshari, the Congress is going to get another president from outside the non-Gandhi family.

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