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Japan-UNHCR to donate 3.5 million dollars for Rohingyas

Japan-UNHCR to donate 3.5 million dollars for Rohingyas
Japan-UNHCR to donate 3.5 million dollars for Rohingyas

The Government of Japan and the United Nations Refugee Agency – UNHCR have signed a partnership agreement worth US$ 3.5 million to provide protection and humanitarian assistance to Rohingya refugees.

The Japanese Embassy in Dhaka informed this information in a press release on Wednesday (September 21).

The US$3.5 million (505 million yen in Japanese currency) grant will be used to maintain critical and life-saving services for refugees living in camps in Cox’s Bazar and Bhasanchar, the embassy said.

According to the agreement, UNHCR will continue its humanitarian activities in the camps in Cox’s Bazar and Bhasanchar. It will focus on legal and community-based protection, health, hygiene and sanitation, nutritional support and essential services such as basic relief.

UNHCR’s representative in Bangladesh, Johannes von der Klaau, said, “UNHCR is grateful to the Japanese government and people of Japan for providing assistance to the Rohingya refugees and for their solidarity with the government and people of Bangladesh who have given them shelter.

He said that Japan was the first to come forward with the help of humanitarian activities in Bhasanchar. Through the country’s support, UNHCR has been able to strengthen the work of local NGOs in Bhasanchar, including protection and essential services.

In this regard, Japanese Ambassador Ito Naoki said that the protection, healthcare and livelihood opportunities of the Rohingya community will improve in Bhasanchar and their security will increase in Cox’s Bazar. With this strong hope, Japan decided to support the project.

The ambassador said that as the Rohingya crisis enters its sixth year, it is imperative to make every effort to expedite repatriation to Myanmar as well as continue funding to ensure a better and dignified life for the refugees. A sustainable solution to this crisis will help create a free and open Indo-Pacific region. And keeping this in mind, Japan will stand by the government and people of Bangladesh in the humanitarian assistance program for the Rohingyas.

Through new funding, Japan has provided more than US$170 million to UNHCR and other UN agencies and NGOs in Bangladesh.

The article is in Bengali

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