Fear of increased danger from Myanmar

Fear of increased danger from Myanmar
Fear of increased danger from Myanmar

Khing Thu Kha, an important leader of ULA, said these things in a press conference. Many people, including Arakan journalist Kya Chen Hlain, expressed it on Myanmar social media.

It is surprising that this important message of the Arakan Army in Dhaka was not given importance in the media. However, this announcement made it clear that it is no longer possible for Bangladesh to send the Rohingyas back by simply negotiating with Myanmar’s military junta Tatma-Dau. Undoubtedly, it is a turning point on the southern border.

ULA’s September 19 announcement is also cause for concern for India. They have a huge investment in Arakan called ‘Kaladan Project’. However, the global concern about Myanmar is more than Bangladesh-India at the moment. Civil wars there are no longer confined to one or two provinces or divisions; This 678,000 square kilometer territory is becoming an added fear for Southeast Asia with all-out military conflict and collapsing economies.

This country is one of the drug production centers of the world. There is also a proliferation of light and medium weapons across the country. As guardians of these are the ruling generals and countless guerilla forces. All together, it is time to think whether Myanmar can cause unimaginable disaster for the surrounding countries or not.

Many organizations, including the United Nations and the International Crisis Group, said last year that Myanmar is at credible risk of becoming the first failed state in Southeast Asia. Such news close to home demands specific preparations for Bangladesh.

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