In 4 years, MP Zafar owns hundreds of millions of rupees!

In 4 years, MP Zafar owns hundreds of millions of rupees!
In 4 years, MP Zafar owns hundreds of millions of rupees!

Zafar Alam, Member of Parliament of Chakria-Pekua Constituency of Cox’s Bazar, appeared at ACC office on Tuesday to give account of movable and immovable assets. When they appeared at the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) Cox’s Bazar office at 12 noon, the investigating officers interrogated them. After 3 hours of interrogation, they left the ACC office around 3 pm. Zafar Alam did not talk to the media at this time. On August 24, they were summoned with a separate letter signed by Riaz Uddin, assistant director of ACC Cox’s Bazar integrated district office. In the letter, Zafar Alam, his wife Shaheda Begum, daughter Tania Afrin and son Tanveer Siddiqui Tuhin were asked to appear on September 4 to account for their assets. However, they took time till September 20, showing the busyness of the party council.

Accusations have been submitted to the ACC that Zafar and his family members have amassed wealth by abusing government and private land, illegally extracting sand and selling it. ACC has received complaints that at least 200 documents were executed in their name from 2016 to 2022. Besides, there are allegations of drug dealing and extortion against them. Based on these allegations, the ACC has entered the field to search their assets. They are summoned as a result of this.

It is known that Zafar Alam mentioned himself as the owner of half a million rupees in the affidavit filed during the 11th National Assembly elections. But within 4 years of being elected MP, he has become the owner of hundreds of crores of rupees. Not only him, wife school teacher Shaheda Begum, son Tanveer Ahmed Siddiqui Tuhin and daughter Tania Afrin are not behind in acquiring wealth illegally through his influence.

Investigation revealed that daughter Tania Afrin is constructing Afrin Newmarket by filling reservoirs and water movement drains (government areas) in MP Zafar Pekua; The estimated value of which is 8 crore rupees. Son Tuhin and daughter Tanya are building a market in front of the AC Land Office in Ward No. 4 of Chakaria Municipality; The estimated value of which is one and a half crore rupees. In addition, he bought and filled 2 acres of land in the name of Tanya Afrin in Ward No. 9 of Chakaria Municipality next to Green Valley; The value of which is more than 3 crore rupees.

Allegedly, a market called multiplex is being constructed in the name of Tanya Afrin and Tuhin in Chiringa of Chakaria municipality. The value of that market is about 21 crore taka. Apart from this, allegations of smuggling 3 luxury cars, 20 crore 25 lakh taka through Hundi to Malaysia and buying a second home there were found in the name of son Tuhin. And his wife Shaheda has several times more wealth than Zafar and his children.

According to ACC Cox’s Bazar office sources, there are allegations that about 200 documents were executed in the name of MP and his family members in the sub-registrar’s office, Chakria and Cox’s Bazar from 2016 to 2022. The asset value of these documents is at least 100 crore rupees. The largest amount of wealth has been bought in the name of MP’s wife school teacher Shaheda Begum.

Apart from the wealth, there have been allegations of grabbing the land of others and making the system complex and multiplex building ‘Shaheda Complex’ in the name of Shaheda Begum at the head of the road of Chakaria police station. The estimated value of which is 50 crore rupees. Besides, Zafar Alam has been accused of occupying and filling the reservoir on the east side of the bus terminal of Chakaria Municipality and selling it to an industrial group.

Besides, the ACC has also received information that fixed deposits and savings certificates of several crores of rupees have been purchased in various banks including Dutch-Bangla Bank Chakria branch, Islami Bank Chakria branch, Union Bank Chakria branch, BRAC Bank Cox’s Bazar branch, Exim Bank Cox’s Bazar branch in the name of the MP and his family members.

It is alleged that Zafar Alam seized the 300 acre shrimp project allotted to Rampur Mauza in the name of Grameen Bank in the dark of night. In addition, the terrorists who have received his shelter have occupied several privately owned shrimp farms, thousands of acres of forest land in Pekua and Chakaria. There is a complaint against Zafar Alam of cutting the huge hill in Machnia Kata area in the name of giving soil to the newly constructed Banouja Sheikh Hasina Ghanti road on Baraitli-Magnama road.

Apart from this, there are specific allegations against Member of Parliament Zafar Alam and his family members of embezzlement of Awami League family’s land through fraud and deception. Md. A victim Awami League leader named Alamgir said that in Pekua Mouja in 2020, the member of parliament himself, his daughter and close relatives became the owners of about 1 acre of land worth several crores after signing 6 documents from the dispossessed. Newmarket is now being constructed by the developer at this place.

Kamrul Hasan Chowdhury, a resident of Chanua Union of Banskhali Upazila of Chittagong District, has 6 acres of land inherited from his father in Dhemushia Union of Chakaria. Zafar Alam has become desperate to seize that land.

When asked about these complaints, Member of Parliament Zafar Alam said that the conspirators had made various complaints to the central leader Hanif Bhai. The allegations were later proved to be false. Now they have filed false charges against me and my family members in ACC. I want ACC to investigate these allegations. ACC will be given maximum cooperation from my side.

MP’s wife Shaheda Begum said, ‘There is no truth in this allegation. Basically my husband’s political opposition group filed the complaint on purpose.’ He asked, ‘How is it possible for a woman to own land, shrimp cages, drug dealing, extortion?

MP’s son Tuhin said, I either smuggled money through hundi in Malaysia, built a second home. I also have 3 luxury cars. These are lies. I have no land or property in my name. We 5 friends have rented the restaurant which is being talked about worth Tk 21 crore. And the discussion about my mother’s name Shaheda complex is done with my father’s money. It is given in the name of parents.

When asked, Riaz Uddin, Assistant Director of Cox’s Bazar Integrated District Office, said, We have received a complaint against the MP and his family members. Family members of parliamentarians came to the ACC office to ask for a statement on this matter. They gave some documents; Which will be verified.

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